Sunday, October 21, 2012

C is for Cookie

Friday night, Amy and I got a sitter and went out to dinner with her friends Ali and Lindsay and their husbands.  We finally tried Il Gattopardo in Richboro.  The food was decent if not a bit expensive for the suburbs.  We talked until 11:30!  When we got home, the sitter said Aden gave her a little trouble going to sleep.  The next morning, Aden walks into the room and says "last night I didn't listen to Jessica!"  I told Jessica about that and she said "Too funny.  I guess that's the rule for babysitters though, you aren't really supposed to listen.  But we won't tell him that!"

Saturday morning, the baby was taking it easy.  We have a video monitor so we can watch her.  When she gets up, she grabs the book and flips through it for a while.  It's funny to watch.
 Aden loves to bake all the sudden.
 Sugar cookies!
 No Ariel, they are all mine!
 Only 2 more soccer games so you won't have to see soccer pictures soon! (at least until the winter league in January)  So there was a big miscommunication.  The games were originally cancelled because it rained so much Friday.  Our coach forget to tell everyone the games were back on.  Amy and one other parent forget to check their emails so we were oblivious to the whole thing and just showed up.  Aden and Cooper were put on the purple team for the day.

 He was really thrown off by not having his friends there and really didn't want to play.
 She helps run the league and gave Aden a pep talk.
 There's friendly face, Jack from school!

 Ariel had a big buffet spread.  She also found reading more enjoyable than the game!

 It turned out to be a nice day.  It's a shame no one else was there!  We had to run home to get ready for Regan and Mollie's birthday party...

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