Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

What a night!  First of all don't hate us but we never lost power.  We watched on Facebook as people reported power outages all around us.  It wasn't too bad most of the day.  We stayed in and played with the kids.  The worst of it seemed to come after dinner. We were horrified watching the destruction at the Shore.  I will never forget the images of the WaWa in Margate half submerged in water and the boardwalk washing away in Atlantic City.  We still don't know the extent of the damage down there but it must be terrible.  By early evening the house was shaking and the lights blinked but never went out.  Ariel went to sleep in her crib but Aden ended up with us in bed.  Hope you are all ok out  there.  It's Tuesday morning at 9 and we are having a hard time getting in touch with people.  

Saturday afternoon we went to Sesame Place.  We went opening day in order to pick up our season passes so we could use them at Sea World in Orlando.  Sunday was closing day.  So we went opening and almost closing days and not in between.  I think we may skip on the season passes next year.  It's just too crowded during the summer.  Aden was all dressed and ready to go!
 Ariel was excited too but she wouldn't wear her costume.
 We loved the decorations.
 The place was packed!

 Trick or treat!
 "Who are you?" "I'm Batman!"

 Crazy crowded.
 We went to see the Count's Halloween Spectacular.

 This is always Aden's face watching and characters he knows live.  He doesn't know what to make of it.

 No water rides today.
 There were some cool mazes to walk through.

 Aden wanted to go to the top of the ropes.
 First a quick trick or treat stop.
 The view from the top.

 That was a lot of work getting down.  Saturday night, Sydney babysat and we met a big group of friends for dinner at Brio is Cherry Hill.  It was a fun night and the kids were good for Sydney.

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