Sunday, November 4, 2012

Aden's Medal

It's Sunday night and all's quiet.  My family came over for Thai food tonight.  It was the end of a much needed slow weekend.  Poor Ariel had a bad cold so we didn't do much.  We are not sure how she got a cold considering she didn't leave the house all week.

Saturday I went with Aden and Jaime, Abby and Jared to Monster Mini Golf.

 Aden did well.

 Of course Aden loves the games better then the golf.
 Yes, I let him shoot guns.
 That morning was the last soccer game of the season!  Could no have come sooner, it was cold!  In the upper 30's!
 Hands in one last time!
 Go Thunder!
 Aden was behind the pack as usual, until...
 break away and... I didn't get the picture but he did score!
 The boys had fun posing.

 Then for some reason they had obstacle courses for them.
 We cut that short.  It was too cold.
 Time to get their medals!
 Aden was very proud.
 Next stop, indoor soccer in January!

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