Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Baby Emery

It was a warm day but now it's a windy cold Wednesday night.  Still no word on my car.  I'm not enjoying driving the mini van even though Ariel loves it.  I think I may trade it in for something else.  We are finally putting some miles on Amy's car.  She barely drives it.  Maybe I should just take Uber everywhere.  So we may have more snow on Saturday!  The never ending Winter.  Ariel has her second cheer competition coming up at Temple University.  Then one more after that in a couple of weeks.  Back to last week.

Ariel's lunchbox was very festive.

 It was a nice afternoon.  Amy went up with Ariel, Aden and Aden's friend to the school to play.

I had the twins on the swing set.
 A rare nice day.
 Our cuties!
They really love this swing set.  I called the company today to come and refurbish it and the guy remembered we got it about 8 years ago.  He asked if we really need to keep it usable much longer.  I guess he assumed our kids were older.  I said I have twin 3 year olds that love it and will for many more years!

 Mommy got a special treat for everyone.  Milkshakes!

 Wrestling on the deck.  
 Back outside with Heather. 
 We had a super special visit from Katie and baby Emery.  Amy's cousin Justin wasn't able to make the trip. 
 Emery was adorable. 

 Even Aden wanted to play with her!

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