Thursday, April 5, 2018

We Need Jumping Memberships

It's Thursday night.  We have a busy weekend coming up starting with bingo at Aden's school.  It's weird.  Up till this year, I felt like I was always at Aden's school.  I got to know the teachers and students really well.  For some reason, I have barely been there at all this year.  I don't know Aden's teachers at all anymore.  We have Bingo tomorrow night.  It's going to feel strange to be there.  Last week we were back at Altitude.  Todd and Ali joined us.  
Go Ali!

 It was busy there.
 Ariel waiting her turn.
 Are you stuck in the pit Eli?

 We spent a lot of time at this spot.
 Comfy bed.

 We keep running into Ivy there.  Her twins are a little older than mine.
Ariel wanted to challenge someone to a duel!

 It's a lot of work to take the kids there but they love it.
 Ariel did a great job reading me a book before bed!  Have a great weekend!

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