Thursday, October 18, 2018

Tesla Software V9.0

It's Thursday night.  It took tremendous effort to get the twins to bed.  I'm emotionally and physically drained and I'm going to bed as soon as I finish this.  This was Saturday.  Eli put a step ladder on the chair to try and reach a balloon.  Resourceful but really dangerous!
 Tesla is constantly updating the car over the air but once a year or so they totally overhaul the entire system.  They send it out in waves and my neighbor got his update almost a week before.  I waited impatiently but finally got the notice on Saturday morning.  Sucky thing was, you can't drive the car during the update so they usually happen in the middle of the night.  It was going to be hard to wait!
 Ariel started back at Elite dance!
 The twins also started toddler hip hop!  It took a little while for them to get going.  Amy even had to sit there for a while in the room but then they were fine.

 Always playing outside.
 I couldn't wait.  I had like 2 hours between dance and cheer so I ran the update.  It only took like 1/2 hour.  I like it a lot, although there are some crazy bugs.  Sometimes when I type address into the navigation, the letters come out backwards!  There was a minor update tonight so hopefully they took care of lots of the bugs.  
 A bunch of old Atari games were in there!  You can steer Centipede with the steering wheel!
 It was my first time seeing Ariel cheer for the Indian's football team.  
 It was her group and the group one year older.
 There were cute!

 She forgot her bow.
 The girls cheered back and forth.

The game was fun to watch too.  The boys were around 7 and running real plays!

 Ariel messing around.

So apparently we won that tournament last weekend!
 Here's their championship routine again.  

 Ariel got to hang with her girl Chloe.  It had been way too long!
Posing with mommy's new plant.  Have a great weekend!

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