Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Fruit Loop Treats

It's Wednesday afternoon.  Just thought I would knock this out while I had a minute to myself.  That minute just ended.  I hear the boys.  Speaking of the boys, this is what happens around 6:30 every morning.  They get into bed with us and look at our phones till we take them downstairs for breakfast.  
 Bagels and bananas all around.  
 Speaking of bananas, looks like the monkeys at school like them.
 Yay, we can start playing outside!
 Ariel is determined to learn to ride a bike.  

 We grilled some burgers and corn.  
 Noah stuck with the dinosaur nuggets.  
 My parents joined us.  
 Then it was time to make fruit loop treats for school!
 Don't eat all the fruit loops!
 Bubbie was a big help.
 Back outside to play with the neighbors.  

 Oh to be young again.  

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