Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Installation Weekend

It's Wednesday night and Aden and I just got back from flag football practice.  Aden is in a new league with some friends.  He really impressed everyone with his tight spiral.  He didn't get that from me.  

My other babies.

 I went out with the brotherhood from the synagogue to TNT Amusements.  We played lots of pinball machines.  
 On Friday, my cousin Larry was in from LA and I went with him to see my grandmother.  
She was very happy.

 Back to her place to look at pictures.
 More play-do.

 Friday night we went to synagogue to celebrate our new rabbi and cantor.  
 It was a very nice service.
 Amy was on the committee to put together the after service party.
 Too much to choose from.

 Dashing couple.
 Good job Amy!

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