Thursday, April 11, 2019

New Locker Room

It's Thursday night.  Another week has gone by.  Got a new Apple Watch today as an early birthday present, thanks mom and dad.  I have been wearing the same Apple Watch since the day it was released 4 years ago.  It's amazing how much faster and easier to use it is now.  And the screen is so much bigger and brighter.  And it now can check for afib.  I'm good for now!

Last Friday was an awesome day!  Dairy Bar is open!

The new addition at our gym.  They finally opened the new men's locker room.  
The old one had a dark, clubbie feel.  

The new one is way too bright and the benches are cold.  
Noah chillin' out.
Eli and daddy too.
Yummy water mellon.
Cousin Alex's shower was last weekend.  All the girls had a great time at Caleb's near Peddler's Village.

Have a great weekend!

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