Wednesday, May 1, 2019

See You Real Soon!

Here's a quick post for your Thursday.  Last week we got to see our friend Jessica's baby Matthew.  I think he was born in December.  What a cutey.  

 Aden played guitar briefly over a year ago.  It was really hard for him so he stopped but he wants to try again.  Pat the teacher said it's amazing how much he has grown and now can physically handle the guitar better.
 Springtime fun.

 Eating outside!  I remember that!  We even got the grill going!
 Now this is the life.
 Football practice.  

 She is a golden shepherd!  

 Amy and I got engaged at Disney World in 2006.  This is the woman that helped me put in together.  We have stayed in touch over the years and we are even Facebook friends.  The last time we were at Disney, she even got us in the Magic Kingdom for free.  Well sadly she is retiring.

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