Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Back to School?

It's Tuesday night.  It's after 11 and we can't get Aden to sleep.  The Avengers is on.  It's not like we haven't see it 100 times.  They all look so young.  We got a lot more virtual learning done today.  Even the twins were on the iPad with their teacher doing a scavenger hunt.  These pics are from last Monday and part of Tuesday.  Last Monday I told Amy we wouldn't be having the cleaning people anymore.  Needless to say, she was not happy.  We actually cleaned a whole floor of the house.  We did the other floor the next day.  It wasn't so bad.  
 We did some home schooling.  

 Then art projects.  

 Story time.  

 Some funny things from Facebook.  

 Tuesday was nice and warm.  
 We got outside a bit.  

 Amy went through her old school stuff and found things for Ariel and the twins to work on.  

 Sadly, we won't be going back to school for a while.  
 Ariel tried to learn to ride a bike again but was not successful.  
 The neighbors walking by.  It was nice to see someone.  

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