Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Shir Ami Sweetheart Dance

It's Tuesday night and a pretty big storm just passed by.  It was howling out there.  We are getting close to Spring!  Aden had tryouts for the school play tomorrow.  It was pretty funny listening to him sing and practice his monologue.  He's the first one to go!  These are from last Sunday and Monday.

Sunday night, our synagogue had its first ever Family Sweetheart Dance.  I just took Ariel.  Amy came very close to bringing the twins but then she thought about it for a second and bailed!  Look at our pretty princess.  
 I haven't worn a suit in a while.  Don't look to closely at us, we might be wearing very similar outfits to the father daughter dance in a few weeks.  

 They had a nice turnout.  
 Food line!
 Coke and Pepsi.  

 We even danced!

 Dessert time.  
 We had so much fun!
 We had to stop by the market after and Ariel got a dance with marty!
 Notice the yellow lights, he was screaming about a spill.  
 Monday morning, Ariel had to get her spacers put back in.  
 It was a warm day!
 Everyone outside to play!
 Noah might end up being the smartest.  
 So that night, I opened up the second King Cake.  This one had a praline filling.  
 Aden was dealing with the twins while I was getting it ready.  

 Funny thing.  As Todd had found the baby Jesus on the actual last bite of the first cake.  I found it on the first bite of the second cake!

 It's plastic and small.  Maybe not the best tradition.  
 Lucky me!

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