Thursday, March 17, 2022

Daddy Daughter Dance

Last Friday was a big day for everyone.  We had so much going on.  Starting with Ariel falling asleep with her bracelet making kit on her bed.  
Oops.  There were only a million little rubber circles everywhere.  
The twins had their 7 year well check up.  They are both checked out ok!
It was a half day for all the kids.  Of course they wanted to ride the quad.  
They are getting pretty good at it.  
Aden had a friend over.  

The big neighbor kids playing football.  
Ariel and Eva went to get their hair and nails done.  
Wow!  Look at those curls.  
Ariel loved the massaging chair.
Cheer practice.  The giant door to the outside was open, so I watched from my car!  It was a 2 hour practice but we were going to leave after an hour to go to the father daughter dance.  
It was great to watch.  They did their routine over and over again.  
Yes, that's Ariel in the pink in the air.

She changed into her dress at cheer.  All the girls stopped cheering and told her how pretty she looked.  It was sweet.  We got to the dance around 7:45.  It started at 6:30.  Ariel immediately found her friends.  
We missed the last 2 years because of covid.  

They attacked the candy.  
Then it was dancing time.  
Most of the guys were by themselves as the girls ran off.  

We posed for a few pics.  
When you go to school with a bunch of cheerleaders, of course you cheer.  

The girls had too much fun.  
Have a great weekend!


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