Thursday, June 1, 2023

Amy's Birthday

It's Thursday night again.  We are busy straightening up the house for the cleaning lady.  Aden is watching the basketball finals.  Denver is blowing out Miami.  

Last Friday was Amy's birthday!  The kids were in school so we were able to have. anice, quiet lunch at Ardana.  
She gets more beautiful and young with each birthday!
Eli's class that day.  
We checked the shore traffic all day.  It was consistently busy.
We left around 5 and took back ways through New Jersey.  We found a diner to have dinner.  The car was packed and we had bikes to bring back.  
We made it down around 9.  While we got the twins to bed, Ariel's friend CeCe came over.  
Camp buddies, who were the same height last summer!
They walked over to the Dairy Bar themselves.  
Later that night, I took Ariel to Jaime's house to see Amanda and her friends from the University of Florida.  
Including my cousin Jordanna we met for the first time!  It's crazy that Amanda met her and figured out we were related.  Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, May 31, 2023


Last Wednesday, of course Ariel was back on her bike.  
Then Thursday, we went to cheer.  Ariel got some help from coach Pat.  
Still working on tucks.  

That night, I took Ariel and the boys to the high school for STEAM night.  Science. Technology, Engineering. Art. Math.  We went last year and Dani was there to take us around and we had fun.  
Ariel saw friends right away.  

The cafeteria was filled with interactive science experiments.  
Ariel actually helped build this one.  
Eli working a claw machine.  
Noah drove robots.  

Cool drones.  

Ariel found Juliet.  
Eli drove some other robots.  

Time to shoot rockets!

To infinity and beyond!
This was an ADHD chair.  We will take 2 please!


Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Never Ending Bike Riding

Last Monday, Ariel rode her bike to school.  
This was crazy because 24 hours earlier she didn't even know how to ride a bike!
The twins just walked.  
After school, she just kept riding.  
Drawing on the driveway is always a big hit.  

Eli went to bounce with Victoria.  
Tessa came over to ride with Ariel, then they cooked.  
Last Tuesday, Ariel rode to school again.  

The chorus was practicing outside.  
Gifted news.  
The new neighbor boy kicked his soccer ball into our cactus and it popped.  He's from Albania and I wanted to replace the ball with the same one so I had one sent from Albania!
So cool!  He was thrilled.  
More bike riding.  
Ariel had some pt on her back.  
Aden had tennis lessons.  
Then we played out back.  

Love that smile!