Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The Sky is Falling

Last Sunday, we got up at 4:30 and were out the door by 5.  That was hard!  On the elevator Amy was wondering how quiet it would be in lobby at that time.  It was as busy as any other time!  People were still dressed up from the night before.  Drinking, gambling.  Coming in from the electronic dance festival.  We were totally shocked.  
We drove past the Sphere on the way to the airport.  A cool moon.  
The airport was busy but it went smoothly.  Bye Vegas!
 The Strip from above!
The Hoover Dam!  It was a pretty quick 4 hour flight back and surprisingly our bags came out quickly at the airport.  
We headed to the car and had a nasty surprise waiting for us.  A chunk of concrete fell from the ceiling and hit my car!  It cracked the windshield then landed on the hood denting and scratching it!  
There is where it came from.  
You can see the crack.  The police took my report then we headed home.  
Where Ariel and Lily devoured the Saint Honore doughnuts.  I had a few bites of each one.  Not sure what my favorite was.  
Last Monday, we can look at some of Eli's work.  He mentioned my arm brace.  
We told him if he planted chocolate, he could grow a chocolate tree.  So he did.  
How's that tree coming Eli?  
Noah had piano lessons.  
Then the neighborhood kids begged me to inflate the water slide.  

Here they go!

Too much fun!
Eli and Victoria are so much alike.  

Aden had his last indoor tennis lesson the for the year.  


Monday, May 27, 2024

The Dead at the Sphere

Well here is a doozy of a post.  Last Saturday, I was awake at 5 because of the jet lag.  Amy was able to sleep.  I finally got her up and her cousin Justin came and picked us up to bring us back to the suburbs where he lives.  We met Katie for breakfast.  It was so great hanging with them.  The kids are so cute.  
Then we went to a doughnut place I was so excited to try.  These are all over social media.  The stars all get them when they are around.  
What to get?

I got 6!  Figured I would just take a bite of each one.  
Of course I ate the famous creme brulee one right away.  I actually was mixed on how I felt about it.  I decided to bring the rest home to share with the family.  
Back on the strip to do some shopping.  
We headed to the Wynn.  

First stop Gucci.  We had some fun there.  The people who worked there, and everywhere in Vegas, were so nice.  
I found shoes for Ariel's Bat Mitzvah!
The Wynn is the most beautiful hotel we've ever been to.  

I got some really nice Grateful Dead branded clothes from James Pearse.  
Then we went to Aviator Nation.  We Facetimed with Ariel so she could shop with us too.  It's her favorite store and we don't have any near us.  
There was a McLaren store in the hotel.  We thought Aden might like this.  He will be 16 soon!
We had some pool time.  
This time we went over to the pools at the Venetian which were much more of a party scene.  Lots of loud music.  
It was hot again.  
We headed back to get ready for an early dinner and the concert.
We ate dinner in the Venetian Mall and could see all the people walking by.  It was such a weird mix of people.  Older hippies going to see the Dead and young kids going to an electric dance festival.  
We walked over the bridge to the Sphere.  
We poked our heads out to see the Sphere again.  
The inside was really cool.  
Finally at our seats at the 400 level.  The screen still towered over us.  
This was made to look like we were seeing behind the screen but it was just a projection.  
We are ready!
Here they come!  This is super zoomed.  We were really far away.  
Let the Good Times Roll!
This the is the house they all lived in together in San Francisco in the mid 60's.
The camera then zoomed over San Fancisco and California.  
Then into space.  The got cooler and windier the higher we got.  We took dramamine but we probably didn't need it.  It was like Soarin' at Disney x100!
Here are some pics of the various graphics.  


And they are back.  

Amy was asking where the dancing bears were.  Well here they are!

This whole section was wild.

Then end!  The show was about 4 hours and mesmerizing.  
The setlist.  

It's so hard to describe what it's like seeing a show at the Sphere.  It really can't be duplicated anywhere else.  First, it was such a beautiful place and it was run well.  The sound was so amazing.  It was not too loud and it was so clear.  There were speakers in the seats, which felt like they were moving sometimes.  As you got a taste of above, the visuals were just stunning.  It's the clearest and biggest screen ever made and you get sucked into it.  Even Amy was impressed!  I would love to see another show there sometime.  I needed to get to bed, we had a 7am flight!