Thursday, April 11, 2024


Last Friday, we had quite an unusual surprise.  I was sitting at my desk at work in the morning when all the sudden the building started shaking violently and it got really loud.  We all ran outside and saw a big truck going by and we wondered if that was it.  Then we started getting texts from people asking if we felt that.  Then we knew it was an earthquake!  It was centered pretty close to us!
Aden and I felt it.  Aden was at school and said everything shook.  He thought it was really cool.  Eli felt it at school.  Amy was at the gym and didn't feel it.  Ariel and Noah didn't feel it. 
Amy went to check on Honey.  She was fine.  Just wanted to play!
We heard from school pretty quickly.  Everything was ok.  
Noah came out of school crying that because he didn't feel the earthquake the it didn't happen!  Poor kid.  Eli told us his artwork will be in the district show.  
Eva and Gwen came over.  
Ariel worked on her prayers.  
Look at Eli practicing!  Noah is done playing.  
Hey Honey!

I practiced photographing the sun for the eclipse that was coming up.
Hanging in the secret room.  
Ariel went to an open gym at Airborne.  Hard to tell but it was packed.  
Ariel was basing!
Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, April 10, 2024

80's Ariel

It's Wednesday night.  As usual, I can't find my glasses.  I really need to get backups.  All my old backups aren't the right prescription and make me dizzy.  

Last Tuesday, Mickey was waiting his turn to use the bathroom.  
That night, Ariel and Aden resumed their workouts.  

I have no pics from last Wednesday!  Thursday was homework time after school.  
Then cheer.  
First Mickey used the toilet, now the bath!
That night was mother and daughter night for the elementary school.  Amy took Ariel to Palace to go roller skating.  It was an 80's theme!

The girls looked so cute.  
Next year, we are down to father son and and mother son nights.        



Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Running With Ariel

Last Monday, there was no school.  I found Ariel and Harper sleeping on the sofa.  
They moved to the bed.  
Then they worked out again.  
I took Ariel to the gym.  
She ran with me.  
Then we lifted some weights.  
We hit the market and talked to Marty.  

Monopoly of course.  
We had tennis but I couldn't play with my wrist hurting.  
So the boys had to play against their coach and he's a lot tougher than me!


Monday, April 8, 2024

Smoking Meat

It's Monday night and we survived the solar eclipse.  Last Sunday, Aden helped me cook.  We cut up some chuck roast then threw it on the smoker.  
After it had a nice bark, I threw it in a pot with Cherry Dr. Pepper then back on the smoker for another few hours.  
Aden went to hit tennis balls against the school.  
The boys were quiet.  
Eli made a mess and actually cleaned it up!
Harper came over.  The girls did some heavy lifting.  
I can't believe Ariel was spotting anyone.  
This was safer.  

The beef and smoked creamed corn were coming along nicely.  
Eva and Gwen came over.  Gwen did some flying.  
I always thought Aden should have done cheer too.  We need more boy cheerleaders.  
Some meditating.  

Ariel has been into volleyball lately.
They took it outside.  
Indoor smores!
Then we played Rummy.  

Harper stayed over and the girls were up late.