Tuesday, January 25, 2022

It FInally Got Us!

It's Tuesday night.  Last Monday, Eli played whis helicopter indoors again.  As many people get hurt and as many things he breaks doesn't stop him from doing this.  
So we had some unfortunate news the day before.  Aden and Amy tested positive for covid.  They had cold like symptoms.  No one else was positive.  
Amy stayed in her room the rest of the week.  Aden stayed in the basement.  I took care of everyone.  Fed everyone.  Took care of the house.  And slept on the sofa.  Entertaining the boys is a full time job in of itself.  
Ariel helped me.  
Fionna had an x ray that day and had good news.  She was out of the sling.  
Both our moms were nice enough to cook some food and drop it off.  
Ariel practiced her cheer.  

On Tuesday, I smoked wings for Aden.  
He loved them.  
Getting the kids from school.  
Ribs and rice for Ariel.  
We worked on some Valentines.  

Ariel and I worked extra hard to entertain the boys.  

We even made cookies.
Nothing wrong with that.  


Monday, January 24, 2022

Eat The Snow

It's Monday night at 8:30 and thankfully very quiet already.  Amy worked hard to get the twins in early.  Back to last Sunday.

It was realllllllly cold!
Ariel had cheer.
Eli played with his helicopter.  In the house.  Not the best idea but definitely an Eli idea.  
Eli's favorite thing is to watch a movie with popcorn.  
It started snowing!

He picked some up.  
He asked if he could taste it.  I said as long as it's not yellow.
He liked it!
Which Oreos should she eat?
We actually got a decent amount but the temps went up all night and it melted away by the time we got up.  
Eli wanted to show me all his trophies.  


Sunday, January 23, 2022


It's Sunday night and we are so ready for the kids to go back to school.  It was a rough weekend.  Back to last Saturday, it was cold!
Eli showed vector his doughnut.  
Have you guys started playing Wordle yet?  It's addicting.  
Off to tennis!
It's kind of hard to watch them.  

They come out to us from the back.  

We went to Dominick's in Washington's Crossing for lunch.  

Then we stopped by Juliet's house.  
The kids played and we chatted with Dave.
Cool hoverboard Juliet.
Dave showed us their mousetraps.  Ugh.  
That night Allison sat.  We went with the neighbors to dinner at a Greek place in Yardley.  


Thursday, January 20, 2022

3D Movies Are Back

It's a freezing cold Thursday night.  The snow never happened today so I had some very unhappy kids to get to school.  I thought this was funny.  
Last Thursday, I picked the kids up from school.  
Dani came for cheer.  

These girls have way too much fun together.  

Now that's a face.

Eli showed us his skills.  

On Friday, Ariel had cheer after school.  I picked her up after and we hit Wawa for a late night snack.  
Amy and the kids have a new game they are playing.  
So remember like 10 years ago when every tv was capable of 3d and every Blu Ray disc came with a 3d option?  Well that all ended kind of abruptly.  The other day, Eli found a 3d disc around the house and asked if he could watch it.  Our old living room tv, now in the bedroom, is 3d capable.  The thing was, I had to find the glasses that came with the tv.  I looked everywhere for days and then I actually found them.  You can still get them on Amazon but like $100 each!  The boys watched the movie but were not very impressed.  The picture does look 3d but nothing comes out of the screen like modern 3d movies.  Anyway, have a great weekend!