Sunday, December 10, 2023

Day 3 Kukoo Kunuku

Last Saturday, I went out for a run.  It never gets below 80 degrees there so even though I went out around 8 am, it was hot!  I didn't make it that far.  
It was nice to run through Oranjestad again.  
Cool buildings.  
The Scientology ship the Freewinds.  
They moved the I Love Aruba sign.  
It was beach time.  
When we got up from breakfast, all the birds attacked!
Doing Tiktoks while waiting for the boat.  
Back to the island.  

Of course we feed the flamingos right away.  
Clarisse helped Noah with his homework.  Noah was missing school!

Our friends got a cabana for the day.  So nice.

Selfie with my new friend.  
Eli liked to lounge in the water with Margot.  
Conch!  Watch out, they pinch!
Aden looking for lunch.  
It was so nice to lounge around.  
Ariel throwing a football!

Grandmom and her girls.  

There is a path behind the island.  

This is the life.  
There was a gym on the island.  
But who wants to work out.  

Time to head back.
A plane flew right over us!

Ariel got splashed.  
We hung by the pool for a bit.  Ariel requested some songs and sang along.  
Buffet dinner at the hotel.  
Dessert was the best part.
That night, we went on a party bus.  The KuKoo Kunuku!  
We started with a shot!
We drove around to 3 different bars.  

We danced at the fist bar.  

On our way to the second bar.  Mark looks happy!
I think we are looking young.  A night without the kids will so wonders!

Bar 2 - UWannaBeer!

Bar three.  I remember this place from my last party bus 5 years ago!

Still doing shots.  

Fun night!