Thursday, July 11, 2024


It's Thursday night.  Another week is almost done.  I got a sneak Facetime call with Ariel today!  She started crying so I made it quick.  It was so nice to see her!  Speaking of Ariel, last Friday, we got these pics of Ariel.  

I got a special delivery.  Last Crumb cookies!  Only 6 this time.  I usually get 12.  Just when were we going to eat them?
Everyone was slow to get up Friday.  
Aden and his friends went for a bike ride.  
I took Eli out to the point in Longport.  
He loves climbing on these rocks and watching the ocean.  

We had a quiet day.  Some time at the pool.  
That night, I took Eli and Aden and his posse to the Ocean City Boardwalk.  They took over Margate, it was time to #takeoverOC!  I did happen to catch Aden hitting on  girls!  Not sure how to feel about that.  Proud but weird!
It was so crowded.  
Eli and I went on some rides.
He convinced me to go on the ferris wheel.  We did get a great view.  

The swings are always his favorite.  

It was so hot at home.  
But so nice where we were.  
Eli enjoyed his pizza al fresco.  

Ran into some friends.
Noah stayed back to play games.  Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, July 10, 2024


It's Wednesday night.  I just got back from seeing an ABBA cover band and Aden has like 10 friends over!  They usually just hang in the basement but they are all over the house now!

Last Thursday was July 4th.  We woke up to the best picture ever!  Sweet cousins!

I went for a run.  It was so nice out.  
Then we went to the Margate Farmers Market.  I got some great foods!
Aden and his buddies made an appearance.  
Then we went to the beach.  It was in the 90s and home but like the 70's there.  So much better.  The boys played a bunch of games.  

It's hard to tell but the beach was so packed.  
Our neighbors set up a grill and had tons of food.  We used to just mooch off them but this time we brought some of the food.  We had pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers.  

Some cute shots of the twins.  

Steven got Eli to boogie board a little.

Some shots with my good camera.  

Aden and his friends playing with a football in the ocean.

They all left me on the beach with all the stuff!
I packed it up.  This was the most I ever got on the cart.  I got so many comments.  Even from people driving by in their cars.  I can't believe I made it home.  
Everyone was at my parent's house.
We had dinner there.  

That night, Ariel had a color run at camp.  So cute!  Look at Harper's face!

So Mark asked Aden what he and the boys were doing.  He said they were going to takeover Margate.  We had a good laugh then we said to each other #takeover the whole weekend.  Aden wore my clothes and has been wearing my clothes since this night.  
Nice park job.  There were so many cars, it was nuts.  
Back to the beach for the fireworks.  
We sat with Steven and his family.  
Cute pic of Steven.  People were setting off fireworks all around us.  That scared Eli a little.  
My turn!
I love this pic.  I take it every year.  It's kind of hard to tell but this is looking South down the coast of New Jersey.  You can see Ocean City, Wildwood and Cape May's fireworks.  
Back to our fireworks.