Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Ariel’s Heritage Project

Last Monday, we went to school for the sixth grade heritage project presentations.  
Ariel sort of reused Aden's poster from 4 years ago.  
It was a bit overwhelming with all the kids and their families.  
Someone had a good question.  Why do we care about other people's backgrounds?  Although I did find a few interesting.  
Ariel and Peyton.  
Some of Ariel's friends.  Amelia.  
Lily who has 24 kids in her generation!
Great job Ariel!

We need to get Noah back in art class.  
A well deserved rest after school.  

Piano time.  
Some movies in the secret room.
Still packing!
Last Tuesday, the chorus was practicing outside in the morning.  They sounded good.  
Still packing.  
It was a quiet night.  


Monday, June 10, 2024

Soccer Tournament

Last Saturday night, we met Jason and family at Peddler's Village.  We wandered around on that beautiful night.  
We tried a bunch of different honeys.  

Such a pretty place.  
We had awesome burgers at Buttonwood Grill.  
Then waffles and ice cream at Ninas.
Fun times!
Last Sunday, Ariel went up with Harper to visit camp.  It's was nice of Harper's dad to bring them.  It's an hour and half drive.  Ariel was so excited to be there.  
Noah had his soccer tournament for the end of the season.  They were going to play 2 games.  If they won both, then they would play a third.  
The first game, they played great and won 6-1.  
We had a break in between games.  Noah and I hung out in my car.  
The second game was not as great.  Noah started to get tired and got frustrated and they ended up losing.  It was a fun season that finally came to an end.  
I set up the slip n slide for Eli and Victoria.  
The water was cold but they had fun.  

Aden played in a tennis tournament.  
These quotes are great every week.  


Sunday, June 9, 2024

Twin Oaks Playground

It's Sunday night.  What a beautiful weekend.  Last Saturday morning, I made a rare appearance at the gym.  It was packed!
I ran for a bit.  
Then worked out with Casey.  
When I got back, Amy was cleaning the pottery she made the night before.  

Weekends mean Playstation 5.  
I took the boys to the playground where my old day camp was.  The last building from the camp, the cafeteria was replaced!
Big chair!
We've been here a few times but it's been a while.  
The boys made friends quickly and ran around the cool playground. 

Playing music.  

Noah played some chess.  

I think Eli knew this girl.  

They had fun.  
While we were there, Ariel was at her friend Emily's birthday party.  
They played Slip n Slide Kickball.  
Whatever that it.  
She spent the night.  Saturday will be continued on the nex post!