Wednesday, February 1, 2023

White Out

It's Wednesday night.  It got really cold today.  I'm just excited my 600 lb Life is back on!

Last Wednesday it was a white out at school.  

I was still working in Atlantic City.  
Ready to party that night.  
We threw ourselves a nice dinner.  

My buddy Kevin from Chicago.  
I had a little barbecue later that night.  
I was also tempted to stop by the White House for steaks but I passed.  
I gambled a bit at the Borgata.  
Then went to bed fairly early.  


Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Lynyrd Skynyrd

It's Tuesday night.  There were some snow fakes today and it was chilly but it's still been a super warm winter.  

Last Monday was a sad day.  Ariel had a doctor appointment early then got some yummy Starbucks before school.  

My parents, Amy and I that afternoon went to the funeral of my great aunt Norma.  Here I am with my grandmother and Aunt Norma.  She was the sweetest woman and the last of her generation.  

Talking to Aden.  

Here they are singing some Yiddish.  

The funeral was graveside and it was cold but a very nice service.  At shiva later that day, I got to meet my newest cousin!

Last Tuesday, I headed to Atlantic City for a work convention.  
Pools and spas.  

Then I checked in at the Borgata.  
Nice view.  
I headed out to dinner at Cafe 2825.  Such an awesome place.  I hadn't been there in a while.  
That was one tasty pork chop.  

We had a big crowd.  Some were from Japan.  They are amazing people.  

We were invited to a party at the Hard Rock Casino where 38 Special and Lynyrd Skynyrd were performing!

Like seriously.  It was a party for 5000 people with open bar and unlimited food and 2 amazing bands.  

Lynyrd Skynyrd was amazing!
I knew every song.  

They played for an hour and half.

Amazing party!


Monday, January 30, 2023

Playdate with Rose

It's Monday night.  Let's go back to last Sunday.  The twins were silly before Hebrew school.  

Their friend Rose came over to play.  
They played really well together.  
My project for the day.  

They tried a bunch of different art projects.  This one was pretty cool.  They drew little pictures on a mirror or spoon, then put it water.  The pictures lifted off and floated.  

Hard to tell but it worked out well.  

Then some painting with markers.  

Great pic guys.  
We watched the game in Buffalo.  Look at that snow!  Why don't they have a dome?  
They made the slide again.  
Ariel organized her "products".
Good game guys.  
This was a good preview of the NFC Championship game.