Thursday, May 26, 2022

Field Day and the Phillies

This post for Friday is huge!  Over 80 pics to strap on in!  Last Friday was field day at school.  We all met at Jenn's house.  White hair paint anyone?
Go White!
I love the shirts.  In the Star Wars font it says May the Fun Be With You!

Walking up to school.  
Amy ran an activity.  It took her a while to figure out the rules!
Ariel playing tug of war.  
They won!

Someone is happy.  
A race with the twins.  

It was warm and cloudy which was perfect.  
Ariel and her friends were so excited.  

The twins doing tug of war.  
What Noah?

Run Eli!

A quick baby break.  Isn't he cute!

This teacher likes to soak the kids.  

Rooting on the white team.
People got wet during this game.  

I was surprised that Noah volunteered to do it.  Eli did not.  

Ariel is always trying to do cheer.  
A teacher who had a baby came back to visit.  
Lunchtime!  Principal Joe manned the barbecue.  
I went to the gym later and saw this.  A kid flipped his dad's brand new Corvette.  
He was ok but I guess in a lot of trouble.  
I took the twins, Ariel and Fionna to the Phillies game that night.  It was supposed to be a father son night but the girls wanted to go.  
We were sitting under the scoreboard.  
Yummy ice cream Noah.

I guess it was a good view.  
The kids ate a lot.  We watched a few innings.  
Having fun girls?  
Dana and Howard.  Amy didn't come.  
We shifted seats.  

So cool!
Then we wandered around.  These blow up guys were weird.  

Eli was fascinated.  

Then we went rock climbing.  

It was really tall!

Eli got almost to the top.  
Then it was Noah's turn.  
Ariel and Fionna didn't make it as high.  

Then we shot hot dogs.  

Best buds!  Of course Fionna slept over.  Have a great weekend!