Thursday, April 18, 2024

Back to Penn State

It's my birthday!  Woo hoo!

Last Thursday, Amy and I were chaperones for the 3rd grade trip to Pennsbury Manor.  It's the Summer house that belonged to William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania.  It's actually really close to where we live.  But on the way, you pass some huge trash piles.  
Here we go.  
There are the kids!  The teachers said it was the loudest, longest bus ride ever!
We had some snacks.  
Then we headed out.  
Our neighbors Victoria and Lennox.
First we went to learn about colonial medicine.  
They apparently used a lot of aromatherapy.  

We made bags with different herbs.
Then into the kitchen where the chef was making cookies.  

Then we walked towards the stables.  
Here's a shot of the back of the main house.  
We learned about writing with quills.  William Penn was a prolific writer.  
Noah felt like he was Harry Potter!

The we checked out the oxen and horses.  
The oxen were funny.  They responded to their names.  
The front of the main house.  
We learned about how they lived in the late 1600's.  

This was a drawing room.  
One of the beds.  
William Penn's son John was born in the States, the other 14 in England.  This was his crib.  
The guest room had some pizzazz.  
We went to check out the river.  

The whole third grade!

That night, Ariel had her private.  

Heather and the boys chilled in the secret room.  
Last Friday, after school, Amy and I drove with Aden and Ariel the 3 1/2 hours up to Penn State.  It's a beautiful ride.  Lots of mountains.  
We arrived there around 7.  The lines for the bars were already long!
We dropped off our bags in the Hyatt.  It's a new and very nice hotel.
Downstairs was Target and a Starbucks. Ariel was so excited!
There was a nice restaurant in the hotel.  It was packed but we luckily got in.  
After dinner, we wandered around in the chilly rain.  Amy and I hadn't been to PSU in a long time.  
We walked through the campus.  
It's huge!  How does anyone find their classes?  
We ended up at the Creamery.  This looks very different from the last time we were here.  
We ordered our ice cream.  No toppings.  One size.  
Yum!  The students make the ice cream so.  So good!

On the way back, we passed the Family Clothesline which has PSU Lululemon stuff.  Ariel was thrilled.  They let us know they were open for a few more minutes.  Of course we went in and spent an absolute fortune.  
On the way back to the hotel, the lines for the bars were even longer!  Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Shore Feast

Last Tuesday, Ariel's teacher sent this pic of Ariel.  It's nice they get to do some school work outside.  
I took a quick trip to the shore to check on the house and to meet with my fence guy.  Having problems.  The bay was so high.  It was almost touching the road.  
I took a walk to see the beach.  

This will look very different in 6 weeks.  
Hey Lucy!
Picked up some bagels.  
Took the scooter for a quick ride.  If I don't run if frequently, it won't start.  
On the way home, I stopped at Tony Beef for lunch.  I saw this place on TikTok.  The burgers are nuts.  
Here are the fries with cheese and steak and jalapenos.  
The burger was super yummy.  I'm going to try many more over the summer including the one that has pepperoni pizza as the buns!
Brought home some Manco pizza.  
And Chester's Donuts!
What a feast!
Aden had a tennis match.  

Ariel came to watch.  
She helped pick up the balls.  
Bat Mitzvah lessons.  
Heather organizing the books.  
Last Wednesday, the kids were off.  Amy took them to the playground.  
Then to Ben and Irv's for lunch.  
Eva and Gwen came to play.
Eli chased around Victoria.  

Hey Honey!
The Halloween blowups were out!

Eli loves Victoria's trampoline. 
Cheer practice.