Sunday, March 26, 2023

Ice Cream Party

It's Sunday night.  It was a relaxing and eventful weekend at the same time.  I actually slept 10 hours Friday night but still had so much to do.  Last Saturday, we made some Mickey pancakes.  
Then Ariel had practice.  

It was the day before a competition and the girls have been working so hard so it seemed like a good time for an ice cream party!
Ariel was excited.  

There aren't enough gummy worms on your sundae baby.  

They were doing shots of whipped cream.
I took Aden to get sneakers and Ariel to get makeup at the Willow Grove Mall.  
Ariel in her natural habitat.  
We then headed to Dicks because Aden wanted new boxing gloves.  I have no idea why.  
 We checked out the Pickleball racquets.  
Later that day, we went to the neighbor's house to celebrate Ryan's confirmation.  
They have a fun basement.  

The kids eventually headed outside.  

Back to the basement.  
We stayed in and had a quiet Saturday night.
Right guys?


Thursday, March 23, 2023

Pickleball and the Leprechaun

It's Thursday night.  Another busy week is almost done.  Last Thursday, Ariel had cheer.  


I took the kids outside to see a rocket launching from Virginia.  
We saw it take off on my phone then looked to the sky.  
We didn't see it.  Oh well.  
That night, I went with Amy to school to play Pickleball!  
We got some lessons then played.  
Dana and Howard were good.  

Amy and I held our own.  
It was fun!

Later that night, we saw the twins had finished their Leprechaun trap.  
Eli left directions for the Leprechaun.  He was a little scared so he told him to stay downstairs.  

Someone got busy making green cake.  
The Leprechauns were busy that night.  

Friday morning, the twins ran downstairs to see if they caught anything.  
He got away but he left cake and presents.  

We set up a camera and got a disturbing video. 

Time to eat cake! (for breakfast)

That night was quiet.  Just a little soccer.  

And handstands!  Have a great weekend!