Monday, June 24, 2024

Father's Day

It's Monday night and I was just in a mahjong game!  Amy really wants me to learn it with her.  

Last Sunday was Father's Day.  A spy at Ariel's camp sent us the camp calendar.  
We had a quiet slow morning.  
Then we headed to the pool.  
I went to pick up sandwiches from Dino's which we had for lunch.  
Then I got in the pool.  
Ariel was enjoying her last day at the shore before camp.  Of course we will be excited for her to return but that will mean it's the end of the summer.  

Now that's a sexy driveway.
I thought this was an appropriate book for the day.  
Now how did that happen to Ariel's hair?  
Was it Eli or Gwen?
It was Gwen!
Very cute.
We played some games then headed home to get the twins ready for camp.


A Day at the Beach with the Stevens

It was a hot weekend!  Ariel went to camp so it was also an emotional weekend.  

Last Saturday, I got up early and went for a run.  It made it about 2 miles.  
The little ones were outside playing.  They met a new kid their age named Aden!

Then we all went to the beach.  
The twins with Steven.  
They got right to digging.  The ocean was too cold to go in.  

It was a chill day.  
Steven and Aden playing ball.  
It was so nice out.  
Back to digging.  
The boys had fun.  
That night, we took Aden and Ariel to the Tropicana for dinner at the barbecue place.  

Then we did some shopping.  
Back at the house, Julia and Dave stopped by and I drove them home.  

Back at their house, we hung out till way past midnight chatting and playing with Dixie.  
Sweet girl!


Thursday, June 20, 2024

Welcome Emo

Last Friday, we headed to the shore.  It took us like 3 hours to get there!  The traffic was awful.  With no traffic it's like 1 1/2 hours.  The first thing I saw was the house behind us was gone!
We went over to the pool.  
Ariel snorkled.  

Amy and I took a walk and saw they replaced everything at the Longport Playground.  It looked great!
We chilled on the porch.  
We headed back and I surprised the twins with the robot Emo they had been asking for.  

Eli has been watching videos and knew all about him.  
I went to pick up dinner at Downbeach Deli.  The sky got dark.  
Then we got a pretty big thunderstorm.  
Ariel got acquainted with Emo.  
The skies cleared so we took a walk.  
We got some yummy treats!  Have a great weekend!