Monday, May 23, 2022

Maya's Party

It's Monday night.  Today was really nice.  Way cooler than the weekend.  Back to Maya's Bat Mitzvah.  After the cocktail hour, we headed into the party room, which was beautiful.  

Maya took pictures down in Miami.  
I haven't seen cousin Jason in years.  
Let's bring in the hosts and the bat mitzvah girl!

Ariel hung with Ryan.  

So pretty!
Erik and Mike having fun with their friends.  
The lovely hostess and I.  

The kids danced all night.  Actually, they bounced.  
The Air Jordans were gone fast.  Just socks for the night.  
My parents dearest friends.  

Candlelighting time!

Lots of kids.  
Maya up in the chair.  
Big sister Ashley.  
Buffet is served!

The dancing pretty much never stopped.  
It was a fun crowd.  

The desserts were beautiful.  

What to eat?
Ariel and I with Mike and Erika.  
Ariel and Ryan got pulled onto the dancefloor by a couple of teenagers.  
Ariel loved it!
She danced so much!
I danced mostly by myself.  
Ariel and Maya.  
We were like the last ones to leave after 12.  
Finally in bed by 1.  Our flight was early the next morning.  


Sunday, May 22, 2022

FInally, Back in South Florida

It's Sunday night!  Woo hoo!  We had a pretty busy weekend.  Ariel had 2 overnight playdates.  We went to our second Chabad Bat Mitzvah in 2 weeks and it was crazy hot.  We let the twins skip baseball.  It was close to 100 degrees!  Back to last Saturday.  I woke up early at my parent's place in Florida.  I sat on the balcony and ate my cereal.  You can see the ocean!
I went for a run along the beach.  
It was around 8 am and the beach was already pretty packed!
The Deerfield Beach pier.  
I ran almost 2 miles in the heat.  Yay me!
Ariel and I then met my cousins Debbie, Jack and Amy for breakfast in Boca Raton.  It was a new place.  

Now look at this stuff!  Nutella stuffed pound cake French toast anyone?
We caught up.  We hadn't seen them in 3 years.  Amy was about to be engaged.  
Ariel got her nails done.  
Then it was shopping time.
We went to one of my favorite places.  Mizner Park.  
Ariel found a candy store.
And an ice cream place we love.  I bought a new shirt to wear to the Bat Mitzvah.  
We then stopped by my cousin Debbie's house.  Ariel wanted to see their pets. 
Come out bunny!
So cute!
It was nice to spend time with them.  
Then back to get ready for the big night.  
Ariel loved using my mom's makeup table.  
We drove to the Stonebridge Country Club in Boca.  It was about 40 minutes away.  I loved the heads up display in the car.  
It had been sunny all day but the clouds were coming in.  
I can't believe we made it.  I wasn't sure we would.
It was a pretty setting on the water.  
The bat mitzvah girl and her family.  
There were just under 100 kids.  Most of the them wearing sneakers.  

It was fun catching up with family friends and their friends.  Stay tuned for the party!