Monday, February 26, 2024


It's Monday night.  I just played my best tennis in ages! I was so tired too.

Last Sunday we helped Ariel decorate the basement for her Galentines party.  
We blew up a lot of balloons.  
I didn't get any good pictures but about 11 girls came over.  They ate, watched movies, then did some cheer!

Noah did some cooking for us.  
The twins stayed away from the Galentines party.  
Noah helped work out Amy's knots!
I made chicken parm for dinner.  It was a hit with the older kids.  That's almost a smile for Aden!

Ariel started practicing her prayers for her Bat Mitzvah.  She started off by wrongly doing the Passover prayers.  She gave us a good laugh.  


Sunday, February 25, 2024

Pyramid Time

It's Sunday night.  Ariel had her first cheer comp of the season today and she nailed it!  

Last Saturday, we woke up to snow.  It was supposed to be a lot but it really wasn't.
They finally did get some at the shore.  
Cheer practice.  They finally started learning the pyramid.  

Ariel is right in the middle!

I took Aden and Eli to the mall to look for shoes.  We ran across a makeup vending machine.  Where was Ariel?  
The boys chilled out in the secret room.  
We went to Harper's house to drop off Ariel and had some drinks with her parents.  
Then we went with Brooke and Ben and Rachael and Dave to Ardana for a very nice dinner.  


Thursday, February 22, 2024

Happy Birthday Jeff

It's a rainy Thursday night.   Last Friday, the kids were off from school.  I went to work and left Amy home with them!  After work, I picked up Ariel from Giuliana's house and got to meet her new puppy Lanie.  

Of course they had to put Lanie into prep.  
Then a full extension!
We hooked up my original Sega Genesis and played some Sonic and Pac Man!

That night, we went to Bowlero to celebrate Amy's dad's birthday.  
We had two lanes.  
We laughed and played and ate!
Melissa surprised herself with how good she did.  
Grandpop Jeff with all the grandkids.  
Cousin cuddles.  

Sweet!  Aden actually participated in a picture.  

Ariel's ball got stuck.  
Cake time!

Video game time.

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Happy Valentines Day!

It's Wednesday night.  Jut came from Ariel's cheer practice.  They have a competition this weekend!

Last Tuesday, they were calling for 3-6" of snow so there was no school.  
It was white when we got up, but it never got that bad.  
Eli was having deep thoughts about the universe.  

It snowed heavy for a time but it didn't really stick to the streets.  
No snow at all in Margate.  
I made breakfast with the kids.  

We had a lazy morning.  

Aden, on his own, went out to shovel.  
We played around.  

Aden had tennis drills that night.  
Ariel helping with dinner.  
Last Wednesday was Valentines Day!  Here's an update for Noah.  
I got Amy a card that had butterflies that flew out of it.  
Amy ran the 3rd grade party but didn't take any pics.  Here are pics from Ariel's 6th grade party.  

That night, we got heart shaped pizza!
Ariel had a pink practice.  
Last Thursday, Ariel finally really got her tuck.  

Noah learning about circuits.