Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Froehlich's Farm

A fun day at the farm for your Tuesday.  Last Sunday, Aden went with my dad to the Eagles game vs the Jets.  
 I went with the Amy and the other kids to Froehlich's Farm to meet up with a group.  
 It was our first time there.  
 Not as impressive as other places but it was nice.  

 Climb up the hay to slide.

 The rides were actually kind of pricey.  

 My not very tall kids. 

 We took a ride behind the tractor.  

 My little pumpkins with their pumpkins.  

 Fun times but I needed to get home to watch the Eagles beat those Jets!

Monday, October 14, 2019

2019 Bux-Mont Cheer Champions!

This was our exciting day last Saturday.  It was time for the Bux-Mont Cheer Fun Day!  We went out early to practice.  

 This is how the girls have fun in between cheers.  

Then we all drove about 40 minutes to North Penn High School.  

 The official portrait.  
 These bleachers were not fun to sit on all day.  
 We saw so many teams go.  Some were really good.  
 The girls backstage having a last minute prayer.  
 Poor Brynn broke her arm so she sat with Coach Lynde.  
 Up next, the Indians!
 Here they go!

 Here's the whole performance.  I wasn't sure where to stand.  

Great job girls!

 They waited for a while on the bleachers.  

 Then they moved down to the floor with all the other cheerleaders.  

 Waiting to hear.
 Look at Coach Lynde's face!  We won!

 There's the trophy!
 The Champs!
 Love this pic.  The trophy is as big as Ariel!
 Great job Coach Lynde!

 The whole team went to the Richboro Pub to celebrate.  

 What a day!  Now off to regionals and maybe Disney World!