Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Amy's Bat Mitzvah

It was another hot humid and wet day.  It's been awful!  Tomorrow is the last day of school for Aden and Ariel!  First grade and fifth grade done!  Today was their parties.  Amy ran Aden's and they had fun.  Tonight, the twins started basketball.  It was not great.  Eli tried for a bit but Noah wanted nothing to do with it.  Their friends seem to have fun.  

Amy found her bat mitzvah album and video.  She couldn't wait to show it all to the kids.  
 Rockin' the perm.  Melissa was so little!
 I was bar mitzvahed in the same place a few years before.

 Then it was time to watch the video.  

 Steve and Judy!

 That was fun.
School time.

 Ariel is not happy with the piano.  She wants to switch to guitar but she's way too small for that.  

 Grandma helping with studying.
 I never thought I would see Aden riding off into the sunset!

 A picnic at my grandmother's place.

 Yummy barbecue.  
 We had fun!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Can We Come Swim?

It's another stormy night.  Not as bad as they had been expecting though.  The next few days are supposed to be pretty rough.  Have we had a warm sunny day yet this summer?  Speaking of summer, it starts Friday.  

I left you last Sunday when Aden won his flag football game.  We then headed to the NAC to swim a little.  
 It was a nice day but the place was surprisingly quiet.  

 I didn't go in with the kids. Too cold.  It's great they can go in themselves.

 We then headed, or actually invited ourselves, to our friends Sarah and Rich's house.  The kids found the awesome playroom pretty fast.
 Ariel and Maddie had an awesome time together.
 Nice house and pool.  
 It was warmer than the neighbors pool and the NAC pool but still a little cold for me.  

 Tug of war!
 Maddie is an only child so they have birthday parties for her dolls to liven up the house!

 We found all the little ones in bed.  
 Back outside.  

 Ice pop time.  
 Dancing on the driveway.  
 We were a little crazy but I think they liked having us over.  Of course we haven't heard from them...

Monday, June 17, 2019

The Raiders are 3rd Place!

It's Monday night and I totally forgot to post today.  Sorry.  We had a fun weekend at the shore including a very nice Father's Day.  The twins have interim week this week and Aden and Ariel finish school on Thursday.  Camp starts a week from today.  That's kind of crazy.  Every year we struggle to get them brown or gold shirts for Color Games.  We got word today they are selling them now!  Back to last weekend.  

We ended up not going to the shore last weekend for a bunch of reasons.  The weather was not great and non of our sitters were going to be around so it would have been a hard time being stuck inside.  We also had parties and Aden's football playoffs if we stayed home so we did.  

Aden went to a pool party for a boy in his class.  
 Ariel and the twins went into the neighbor's pool.  
 The pool was 78.  That is way cooler than my kids are used to.  They all complained but then they went in and got used to it.  

 Ariel and Ariella.
We then took the twins to an end of year/birthday party for Claire.  Their whole class was there.  
 The entertainer was funny.  
 It was a nice day for an outside party.  
 Hanna and Ava, the other twins.  
 Claire's dad didn't mind getting wet.

 The whole class! 
 Water balloons for everyone!
 Get Claire's daddy!
 It was really Claire's 1/2 birthday.  They don't like to celebrate it in December!
 On Sunday morning we had Aden's flag football playoff game.  Instead of having a series of games with the winning teams progressing, they just had individual bowl games.  Aden's team was fighting for 3rd place.  Koho the team's mascot gave them all good luck.

 I'm not showing any videos because the one nice pass by Aden to Ryan I missed and there really weren't many other highlights.  

 Although we did win!  But just barely in overtime!
 The team.
 Getting their medals.  

 Good season boys.  Aden is going to take a break till the Fall.