Sunday, October 22, 2017

Soccer Superstars

Happy Sunday night!  We had a pretty quiet weekend.  Got to hang out with newer and older friends.  The weather was nice so we got to be outside a little.  The twins are getting over colds and were in pretty good moods.  They had us laughing tonight.  They were standing on chairs singing something about tushies while they were shaking their butts!  Here's a quick post from last Saturday.

Aden had soccer.  And what a game it was.  They were so dominant that we had to play with less players than the other team most of the game.
Here are some action shots.
 I love when I capture moments like this.  Aden right after a score.

 Aden is up in the air quite often.
 Aden and Ben.

 They won 7-0 even playing with three less players then the other team!  We are good!
 This came up on Facebook.  Does anyone see Eli?
 Hanging with Gwen.
 They still love to dot dot.
 Noah showed his OCD behavior.  He filled in every circle in the whole book.
 We were off to soccer but not off to a good start.
 They were miserable.
 They wouldn't participate.
 We weren't sure why.  The week before they were great.
 Grandmom took Ariel to her favorite place after dance.  We stayed in Saturday night because we had a big Sunday coming up and we needed to rest!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Fire House Visit

It's Thursday night at the babies are asleep.  The older two are behind me on the sofa.  They just watched It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and are now watching the Toy Story Halloween special.  Eli's teacher wants us to get his ears checked.  I think he hears fine and he's just choosing to ignore her!  He listens when I talk to him. (most of the time!)  We have a quiet weekend coming up if anyone wants to hang!

Last Friday the kids played a little after school.  

 Then we headed to the Holland Fire Station.  We go every year to the open house but somehow missed it last year.  Aden found friends right away, Joseph and Jake.
 They went into a smokey tent and the fireman showed them how they find people using body heat.

 Noah was ok, Eli on the other hand was thrilled.  
 Hey Sparky!  That's new for Ariel.

 Mommy held Noah.  Eli wanted to check out every truck.
 There's Gina and big boy Anthony.

 Eli was fascinated.
 He even shot a hose!
 Ariel put out a fire with a fire extinguisher.  
 Ariel hung out with Jake's sister Lilly.

 Sparky again.  
 Aden and the big boys spent most of the time playing football.
 Pile on Aden and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Touch That Paint

It's Wednesday night.  Today was beautiful.  Too bad we spent most of it at the doctors but all is well, no need to worry.  Let's go back through last week.  Cheerleading!
 Ariel had a pout the whole time.  Not sure why.

 A different angle.  
 Still pouting.
 A preview of Aden's Halloween outfit.
 Ariel gave out her birthday invitations at school.  She wrote all the kids names on the envelopes herself.
 I don't have any great pictures but our friend Kathy was in from Arizona and met us for dinner.

 Boys and their screens.  

 Eli is all about umbrellas these days.  
 Everyone in fire trucks!
 It was fire prevention week so we were going to see real fire trucks that night.
 Noah got a hug from a friend!
Their teacher sent this picture.  Noah has been having a rough time touching new things.  That day he dove right into the paint!

 Amy chaperoned Aden's class trip to the Churchville Nature Center.  I got a Tweet that they were on their way!
 They learned all about the Lenape Indians.  (I think you have to say Native Americans now)
 Making fire.

 He looks thrilled here.