Monday, August 13, 2018

Russian Wedding

It's a thunderstormy Monday night.  Luckily the rain held off most of the camp day.  Here's a huge post because I'm getting far behind.  

These are a couple of leftover shots from last Saturday.  Aden and Eli and the California cousins.

Sunday morning, we picked up doughnuts at Juniors and headed to my parent's house.  
The neighbors and our friends Lori and Bill came over.
It was a full pool.

 Ariel got a ride from Tim.

 Peace out!

We had to leave the shore early to head back for the wedding of our neighbor Jessica.  
 We ran home and got ready to go to Golden Gates restaurant about 15 minutes away.  We really had no idea what to expect.  It was our first Russian wedding.  It was called for 5.  At 5 there was sushi and cocktails in the lobby.  
 After a while, they let us into the room, which was beautiful.
 There was tons of food on the table already.  Along with bottles of alcohol.  We sat at the table and ate another hour or so.  
 Where was the bride?

 They never stopped bringing food out the whole night.

 Finally at 6:30 we had some action.  
 There's Jessica!
The ceremony was sweet.
 They are married!

 First dance.

 Up on the chairs.
 Huge lamb shank.
 The entertainment was pretty crazy.  A stage full of people singing and dancing to a dj.  They never stopped.

The mother of the bride.
 There she is!
 I caught a sweet moment.
 The desserts were blocked off, they looked good but no touching!

 Pretty dress.
 This was well after 10 and the food got really serious.  
 Amy finally got to eat!
I took Amy home around 11then I went back!  I wanted cake!  Dessert wasn't served till right before 12 (this started at 5!). I left around 12:15 and it was still going strong.  I hear there were people there till 3.  I think the bride left around 1:30.  What a party!