Thursday, June 21, 2018

World Champions (well sort of)

Ariel's teacher put the kids to work sorting crayons.

 Game 2.  Please win.  I don't want to have to go to game 3 on Saturday.  

 I like the words of wisdom.  

 Aden had a big fan club.

 The last play of the game.  We win!

 Number 1!
 And he didn't want to play this year.

 Our champion.
 Eli found Ariel's cheer shoes.
 I mentioned before that my hair stylist of almost 35 years is moving to Arkansas.  This was it.  He's been in the process of moving for months but this was the last haircuts the kids and I would get from him.  

 The twins were not thrilled.
 Cutie pie!

 Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Georgia Expert

It's Wednesday night.  Here are some more pics from last week.  Every year in elementary school, the kids across Council Rock have a year end project.  You might remember when Aden was in first he did the Going Buggy play.  Second grade was dinosaurs.  Totally forget third.  This year was the states.  Aden had Georgia.  Let's begin the parade of states!

 All the 4th graders.
 I remember singing this song in elementary school.  They sing all fifty states in alphabetical order.

Then they presented their states in the gym.

 Ariel always finds friends.
 Ben giving his presentation.

 Water play for the little ones.  
 Water play for the big ones.
 Ariel is really going to miss her friends.  

It's fun to eat outside.
 Bathing beauties.

 Aden really doesn't want to play the clarinet anymore.  He's considering the bass clarinet, whatever that is!
Poor Noah had a rough day at school.
 On our way to baseball.
 This was game 1 of a best of 3 for the championship.  

 McDonald's again!
 We won!