Thursday, March 15, 2018

Shabbat Boy

It's Thursday night.  We had a rough time getting the kids to bed so I'm about to pass out.  We have a busy weekend coming up.  Ariel finally has her first cheerleading competition.  We have a much needed extra practice Friday night but I think the girls will be ready.  They have so many coaches working with them.  If only we could figure out the hair and makeup.  

Last week, Sammy was Shabbat boy at Shir Ami kindergarten.  Amy, Ariel and I went to be a part of it.  None of our kids were every Shabbat kids so we were excited to see how it all worked.  
 We stopped by Sammy's class and Ariel got a great welcome.  She knew a bunch of the kids from camp and Hebrew School and cheerleading.  
 The one in the pink is Sophia, the girl Ariel stands on at cheerleading.
 Ariel sat with the class during the service.
 It was amazing that all the kids sang along with the prayers.  We really need to teach them to our kids.
 She came back to visit.
 Time for the Shabbat kids to go on the bima.

 Back to the class for a snack.
 Sammy and Ali read to the class.
 Sammy is a really good reader.
 We are so happy Ali and Sammy included us.  
 After school, Aden played in the sbow.
 Then Melissa and Mark came for dinner.  Hey Gwen!
 Everyone tackled Mark.
 Snack break.
 Cousin fun.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Under the Sea Dance

It's Wednesday night.  We are getting close to Ariel's first cheerleading competition.  They looked a little rusty at practice tonight.  I cracked the screen on my iPhone X at the Eagle's parade.  I finally brought it to the Apple Store.  They replaced the screen for $29 and it only took 1 hour.  Seemed like a great deal but now my Face ID stopped working.  I'm going to have to go all the way back.  Not that Face ID is the best, but it's really annoying to have to keep putting in the code.  I left you with the big storm last week.  

This was the next morning.  Aden was off from school but I took Ariel and the twins to Breezy Point.  There was a lot of snow out there!

 I have to download some of Mrs. Maria's pictures.

 Sticky bun at Fritz's.  
 I picked up the boys and Eli had an interesting hair style.

 How many seahorses tall are you? 

 Not only is Ariel the only one in her swim class, there are now 2 teachers!

 Mrs. Maria set up the class for their underwater party.

 Pool party!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Blizzard of 2018

It's Tuesday night March 13th.  There is no end in sight to Winter.  Amy and Aden are behind me watching the Good Doctor.  I don't get that show.  I'm headed to the basement to watch something better.  Speaking of Winter, last Wednesday we had a pretty unexpected blizzard.  We woke up in the morning to light snow.  School and work was cancelled but the roads were clear till around 11 so everyone was wondering if we should have had the day off.  
 We had some leftover doughnuts.  
 Then worked off those doughnuts.  
 Then the sky exploded.  It was a total white out from like 11-5.
 It got high fast!
 Look how deep it is on the table.
 Let's do some baking.

 Deeper and deeper.
 We didn't go outside at all.  It was too awful out.  
 Then around 4pm, for the 2nd time in the 10 years we have been in this house, we lost power.  
 We were able to make hamburgers on the stove top and have a romantic candle lit dinner.
 We thought the twins would be scared but they seemed to enjoy it.
 We actually ran around and played tag with flashlights.
 Thankfully we got plowed out.
Ariel read to the boys with flashlights.  

Bed time.  We layered blankets on everyone.  
 The power came back on around 10:30.  As you can see, the house was down to 60 degrees.  
We got about 16"!
This was from the next day.  I saw a picture of the Eagle Jason Kelce and his snowman!