Monday, February 19, 2018

Happy Birthday Boys

It's Monday night.  The kids were all off today.  Needless to say, Amy and I are excited for school tomorrow!  Last week they had a special kid's program at the synagogue.

 Lots of singing and dancing.

 Always a parachute.
 Then it was edible crafts.

 Eli just ate the icing.
 Going shopping!
 Somebody turned three!??!
 Let's open presents!
 Lots and lots of presents and we haven't even had their party yet.
 I almost got a great shot.  
Eli was super excited for birthday cake.  That's all he talked about.

 The cake was everywhere!
 Washing off the cake.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Dress Up The Twins!

It's the Sunday night of President's Weekend.  A weekend where I barely left the house.  Someday we will start traveling again.  Wacky weather though.  It was getting warmer and will be warmer again this week but we had a couple inches of snow last night.  We've been having some luck in the sleep department.  I will talk about that later.  Anyway, these are from last weekend.  

Thankfully Ariel loves to swim.
 The twins discovered the Batman house.  

Eli doing some remodeling.
So this is how we have been waking up the last few weeks.  One on me and one on her.  It's really not a great way to sleep.  They start off in their cribs.  Eli usually comes in around 1 and Noah around 4.  We don't let Eli cry it out because we don't want to wake Noah.  Noah gets up and sees Eli not there and freaks out.  We need a bigger house!  Thankfully, the last couple of nights, they have not come in.  

Howard came over with the girls to play.  Jen was away.
The kids got along really well.

They loved dressing up the twins.

Dessert time!

The kids had a patient to check out.
Fun times!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Eagle's Super Bowl Parade

It's Thursday night and it's raining hard!  Tonight was busy.  The older kids had their classes at the NAC.  Let's go back to last Thursday and the Eagles Super Bowl Parade.  Everyone was expecting the driving to be bad into the city so train tickets were at a premium.  I ran all over the area trying to get train tickets but I couldn't get them so it didn't matter.  Aden and I drove down around 9 for the 11:00 parade.  So crazy, 95 was deserted.  Forget the parade, where is the rush hour traffic?  
 Our friends that live near the art museum saved us a spot.  That was awesome of them.
 We hung out at their house a bit.
 Aden likes the boys.
 The area was mobbed.  Every restaurant and bar was open and super crowded.  People were parked everywhere.  On corners, on sidewalks.  
 We walked along the Parkway to where I used to work and where my friends still work.  They were having a party in the building over looking the parade route.  People were climbing on everything to get a better look.

 Up in the office looking down at JFK Plaza.  
 Back towards City Hall.  That's a lot of people!

 Aden and the boys played tag.
 The adults ate and watched the parade on the tv and out the window.

 Looking up the Parkway towards the Art Museum.
 JFK Plaza has been shut down for about 2 years while it was rebuilt.  I think they did a horrible job.  
Here comes the Eagles!
 There were more than 20 buses of the Eagles and their families.  

 Michele and I.
 After the parade went by, Aden and I went onto the street to follow it to the Art Museum for the speeches.  
 The streets were crazy!

 Aden and I are trying to catch up on Meek Mill and all the rap they were playing and everyone seemed to know.  

We eventually made it to the Art Museum but it was too crazy.  When the speeches started we went to the car to listen to them.  Have a great weekend!