Thursday, November 26, 2020

Tomahawk Chop

It's Thanksgiving night!  I'm am eating my third piece of Pecan Pie as I sit here.  I'm also listening to a very loud owl outside.  So with all the exhaustive prep work I did to smoke the turkey, there was one thing I missed.  The turkey was too big for the smoker!  I ended up cutting it in half and I was able to squeeze in the 2 halves but I wasn't sure how it would come out with the breast so exposed.  Well, I have to say, it was pretty awesome!  

Last Thursday morning it was freezing!  Literally!

After school, Aden had tennis.  It was really quiet there.  

Eli got to work on the Hanukkah decorations.  
Rachel came for cheer.  

The twins were getting into and of course Aden had to ruin it.  

Here we go Eli...
And he's up!
Ariel is so confident in the air.  

Uh Ariel, did you notice that doughnut next to you?  
Eli sure noticed his.  

Friday morning it was freeing again.  I was able to grab a quick shot of Aden running out the door for school in shorts and a t shirt!
Ariel was more appropriately dressed!

I found this Christmas tree ornament.  2020 - The Dumpster Fire!
That night, I cooked a ridiculous tomahawk steak on the smoker.  I forgot to take a picture of it when it was done.  
We found a Bingo game in the basement.  

The steak was awesome.  Aden ate almost the whole thing!  Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Jello Letters

It's Wednesday night.  Tomorrow I will be attempting to smoke a turkey.  Of course the injectable marinade I ordered from Amazon got lost.  I will have to make one of my own.  I did some science experiments with the kids tonight which we will continue tomorrow.  It's going to be a long weekend without much to do.  But we do have Ariel's birthday on Sunday!

Last Tuesday we woke up to flurries!

Eli was back to his Hanukkah decorations.
The fountain outside of my old office in the city was colored for a brief time.  I took pics of all the colors.  I have been looking for these pictures for years.  I found them behind the desk in my office!
The paper section  at Sam's Club.  Scary.  
Nice letters Noah!

Ariel leading the cheers.  

We made jello!
I fixed the ghost!

In case we forget who she is.  
It was still cold on Wednesday.  
Ok boys, it's school time.  
The gym after work.  
Some glamour shots of the mudroom.  

We still need baskets.  
Is anyone there?
Oh, it's Ariel!

We finally got to eat the jello.  
We tried to make letters out of it.  

But more fun just to eat.  Happy Thanksgiving!