Monday, May 25, 2020

Puppies Playing at the Shore

Tuesday, May 26 is Amy's birthday!  We had a little celebration with the neighbors on Monday night and will continue the partying tomorrow! Amy really deserves a special day.  It's been hard for her having the kids home all day every day, especially while trying teach them and maintain the house and everyone's sanity but she's doing a great job!  I would not have expected any less.  So join me in saying Happy Birthday Amy!
It's Memorial Day night.  We didn't got to the shore.  It might be the first time ever.  The weather wasn't great and I was still really sore from my fall.  It was a pretty quiet weekend.  The neighbors did stop by tonight to wish Amy an early birthday. 

Last Saturday it was nice at the shore so we decided to take a ride down there.  
 Good to be back.  
 That beard is getting long!
 We took a walk.  
 We saw Amy's parents and sister and all the dogs.  

 Eli stayed far away.  
 We walked over to the Dairy Bar.  
 There were a few people there but I can already tell this is going to be a long summer.  Even with Chris the owner directing traffic, it took forever to get served.  How are they going to do this when it's really crowded?

 We went to check on my parent's pool.  The filter is broken.  They are waiting on a part.  
 There is a new house next door!
 Ariel's friend Sydney, who live across from my parents at the shore but in Virginia normally, got a new puppy!  We brought Honey over to meet her.  

 The dogs went crazy playing!  It was really cute.  

 It was nice to see everyone.  
 Sydney is almost 6 months younger than Ariel and now taller!
 It was a quiet night after that.  

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Slip "N" Slide (Not as fun as I remembered)

It's way too late Thursday night and I'm actually getting more sore as the days go on.  These are from last Thursday afternoon and last Friday.  I took the boys to the Churchville Nature Center.  They were both a little scared for some reason.  

 Eli wanted to know how the letters got on the tree.  

 Eli had to touch the water.  
 We got deep in the woods.  

 Not sure how to caption this picture.  
 Friday was nice and warm.  Ariel did her homework outside.  
 I mean Ariel did some sunbathing outside.  

 My parents brought over some rockets.  

 Eli found a Slip and Slide in the garage and insisted on setting it up.  

 Did you notice Ariel's suit?

 The neighbors all got together.  
 Everyone needs a little socialization.  

 Have a great weekend.