Thursday, February 20, 2020

Valentine's Day Festivities

Here's a huge post for your Friday.  We were really busy last Thursday and Friday.  Thursday, Amy was getting ready to go in and run Ariel's Valentine's party when the other homeroom mom bailed.  Her kids were home sick.  Amy asked me to help out.  Just like the good old days.  The principal poked his head out while we were waiting to go in and asked if I was the token man there!  I was the only man helping out that that.  
 The second graders had their hat parade earlier in the day.  
 It's funny how Amy snaps back into teacher mode.  She can take over any classroom.  
 First we did a craft.  They made penguin thermometers.  
 Amy had the hot glue gun.  
 The food was a hit.  Strawberries with chocolate and whip cream, cupcakes and pretzels and lemonade.  
 Hey Mika!
 Kids just started eating the chocolate and whip cream without the strawberries!

 Then it was time for musical chairs.  
 Ariel ran the music.  
 I handled the food.  

 Poor Mara was sick.  
 That night we got to building.  

 Friday was Valentine's Day.  The kids got their cards.  I got Amy tickets to see Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons!  She loves them.  It should be fun.  
 The little ones had school.  Yay!  The big ones were off.  
 We got a sitter.  I went with Amy for a romantic lunch at Rocco's in Newtown.  It's far easier to go out to lunch than dinner with this crew.
 Ariel had fun with the sitter.  
 Ariel then went with Amy to find a dress for the father daughter dance.  
 She loves trying on clothes!
 Aden went with me to the gym.  Jake worked us both out.  
 Then the twins for their haircuts.  

 Noah was good, Eli not so much.  
 Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Day the Twins Turned Five

Here's a huge post for your Thursday.  These will be from last Monday through Wednesday.  Monday I saw this in the boy's classroom.  I get movies he wants.  
 Basketball practice.  
 This was Tuesday.  Playing hide and seek.  
 Then we made cupcakes for the twins to bring to their class on their birthday.  
 We put them to work.  

 We baked 36 cupcakes.
 Decorating was fun.  

 Wednesday morning it was birthday number 5 for Noah and Eli.  They found the balloons we got for them

I tried to get a good pic in their new birthday shirts.  It was not easy.  

 I give up!
 You don't know how thrilled all the parents were.  Not making lunches is like being on vacation!
 They boys and their friends made birthday crowns for Noah and Eli to wear.  

 It was really cute.  Eli taught Samir how to write his name.  

That night family came over to celebrate and bring more gifts!

 No cake, just candles in the leftover cupcakes.  
 We had two sitters over.  It was a bit awkward.  
 The boys had a great day!