Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Ariel and Allie

Another huge post!  More reason to stay inside and read rather than being in the crazy heat outside.  Last Sunday, we decided to head home early.  Amy had been there for over a week and ready to leave.  
 We packed up and left.  We stopped at Unos for lunch in South Jersey.  The kids played a little hopscotch.
 We went straight to our friend Jaime's house. 
 Pool time!
 The slide was a big hit.  

 Aden practiced his jumping and diving.  

 We flew a drone around.  Pretty cool.  

 The next evening, we took Ariel's new friend Allie to the NAC pool.  

 It was pretty quiet there.  
  The girls had fun.  

 Aden brought Jason along.  
  Eli loves to shoot people.  I can't get him to stop.  

 Fun night!

Monday, July 15, 2019

What's Up Doc?

Amy, Aden and I saw the new Spiderman tonight.  That was fun.  Back to last Friday.  This was after the beach and the pool.  
 We went out back and noticed a few mostly eaten carrots.  
Who could have done this?  
Oh, them.  Where are they getting carrots from?
Moose came for a visit.  

 Playground time for our little monkeys.  

 Eli heard a little boy calling for his bubbie. So Eli started calling her bubbie too.  It was cute.  

 We ran into Heather and Devon.  
 Dairy Bar was way too crowded so we got ice cream at Wawa.  
 I took Aden to sleep over Cooper's house.  

 Saturday morning the boys watched some tv.  
 Then we headed over to my parents.  
 Everyone headed to the pool.  I took a nap on the porch.  There was such a nice sea breeze.  
 Pool time fun.  

 The sky got black and then we had some crazy thunderstorms.  
 We kept the kids busy so they didn't get scared.  
 I tried to take pics of the rain but they didn't really come out.  
 It stopped pretty quickly so we headed home.  That night Amy and I went out with out neighbors from home.  We went to Guy Fieri's place at Bally's.  We had a fun night!