Tuesday, October 16, 2018

MMMMM Turtles

Just a quick post for Wednesday.  Aden and Ariel had a half day last Tuesday.  Ariel walked home with a friend we hadn't met before!  They played nicely all afternoon.
 The remnants of Hurricane Michael was fast approaching and it was really nice the day before so I headed Margate to close up the house for the winter.  
 It didn't take me long to bring in all the furniture.

Then Dino's for a steak.
 Then got our favorite turtles at Jageilky's.
 I had to check out the beach.
 It was so nice I could have just fallen asleep.  There were people on the beach and in the ocean!
 My grandmother had a visit from her newest great grandson.
 I saw this at Home Depot.  Crazy.
 Everyone on the driveway!
 Soccer practice.  Soccer and flag football are winding down for the season.  

 A rare treat for Eli to join us at the table for dinner.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Is That Carson?

It's Monday night and we just got back from Aden's final regular season flag football game.  They tied so they are the only team that is undefeated!  That should get them a bye in the playoffs.  They have been pretty great all season.  

Here's a sneak peak at Ariel's costume.  All she kept saying is that she wanted to be a pink monster.  
Amy took the boys to get some pumpkins.
 I went with Aden to the Eagles game against the Vikings.  It was a 4:00 game.  We got there around 1:30 and still had trouble parking.  We threw the ball around.  
 Then we headed in.

 He loves going into the store.  
 Here we go.  

 I didn't take that many pictures or videos.  It was not a very good game and the Eagles lost.  

Aden's game was much better.

 Only Ariel came to watch because it was raining.
 Aden caught 2 touchdown passes and an extra point!

 Go Bengals!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Ariel vs the Obstacle Course

It's Sunday night.  The twins are in bed. They have been doing really well with that so far.  We had a pretty busy weekend.  We have some nice big pumpkins out front to show for it.  We had a taste of cold weather.  I am so not ready for it.  I want to go back to the beach.  Any, last weekend we had a few parties.  

Ariel went to the NAC for JP's party.  First they played wiffle ball.  I don't think any of the kids liked it very much.  
 Ariel tried to bat.
 Then they played dodgeball.  The kids didn't love that either.  

 Then it was swim time.  Also, not the biggest hit.  The indoor pool is not very warm and you have to pass a swim test to go on the obstacle course.  Not all the kids passed the test and were stuck in the shallow end.  

 Ariel was scared at first and didn't do very well.  

 But then she got more confidence.  

 Ariel likes to teach the boys dance and gymnastics moves.

 Dressing up Eli.

 My neighbor had a party and had a Nina Waffle truck.  Awesome ice cream and waffles!
 Amy took the twins to a party at Giggleberry Fair in New Hope.  She had to chase them through the giant maze.
Ariel bonded with Aden's crush, the birthday girl's sister.

Lots of parties.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Bux-Mont Pop Warner Cheer 2018

It's a stormy Thursday night.  The leftovers of Hurricane Michael are passing by.  We are out of cribs!  It took over an hour, but the twins finally fell asleep in their new toddler beds.  They talked and played but eventually got tired.  We are a little worried about the morning when they get up as they are usually up before us.  

Last Saturday Ariel had her one and only cheer tournament.  At the old place she would have had six!  It was at Quakertown High School about an hour away.  All the Pop Warner cheerleaders from Bucks and Montgomery Counties were there.  

 We left Ariel and walked around front.  It was a new, beautiful high school.  
 We got there at 9:30.  Ariel went on just before 11.  
 We watched teams of different ages from all over.

 It was finally our turn!

Here we go!

They did great!
We all had to stick around and watch the rest of the performers.