Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Frosty Day

It's Wednesday night.  These are from last Tuesday and Wednesday.  

Tuesday we woke up to frost.  
It looks pretty but who wants to go outside?
I miss the leaves during the winter.  
What are you doing Ariel?
Ariel and Alex walked to school in the frost.  
Ariel in Hebrew School after regular school.  
Dr. Ariel at your service.  

Eli has been looking for a place to plug in his microphone.  
Aden made muffins for the first time.  He had Ariel and Heather mash up the bananas.  
He did a great job.  

Relaxing before bed.  
Wednesday was Aden's half birthday!  12 1/2!  I had his favorite Melissa's cupcakes shipped in from New York.  

Good big sister helping with homework.  
Art projects.  
So pretty Ariel!


Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Grogu Person of the Year

Here's a quick post for Wednesday.  These are from last Monday.  

Grogu has Amy's vote!
Even though Ariel is supposed to walk to school, I find I'm driving her almost every time.  She does walk home though.  This was her first full week of the year!
Eli was rocking out after school.  

Like I said.  Quick post.  
Ariel's orthodontist asked us if he could use this picture in an article he's writing.  Ariel was thrilled!
We are about to redo Ariel's bathroom.  Here is the before.  
Let us know if you have any good ideas!


Monday, January 18, 2021

Terrible Towels

It's Monday night.  The kids were off for Martin Luther King Day.  Needless to say, we are excited about school tomorrow.  Back to last Saturday.  We took Ariel to hang out with Eva.  Hey Honey!

We went back to watch football.  Normally, I would not care about Seattle vs. LA but it was the first game I saw in 4k!  It looked amazing.  Like you were looking through a window.  
Eli and Pinnochio.  
Hey boys!
Back to hang out at Melissa's.

On Sunday, I went to get Ariel.  

The girls had their Terrible Towels ready for the Steelers game.  It didn't work.  The Steelers lost.  
We love Honey!
I took the boys to meet Nate at Noah's playground.  

They helped a little girl.  It was very sweet.  

Then they got crazy.  

And continued being crazy well into the night.  


Sunday, January 17, 2021

Michael and the Twins

It's Sunday night.  Today was cold and windy so we stayed around the house.  That was hard as the twins had so much energy.  Speaking of too much energy, last Saturday they joined Ariel and put on a show for us.  
Then Rachel came to do cheer with Ariel.  She brought her little brother Michael who is the same age as the twins.  
Get to work girls!

Aden found a Lego in his room he hadn't done.  That was weird.  
The boys were busy!

The girls came upstairs to stunt.  
Look at that form!

Then the twins went back to swim.  

Noah is doing great at swimming by himself.  The rest of Sat in the next post.