Wednesday, June 3, 2020

New Swing Set!

It's way too late Tuesday night so I'm just going to get this done quickly.  Last Monday was an exciting day.  First we got a new swing set!  We were just going to fix up the old one but Rainbow made us an offer we couldn't refuse for a new one.  After 10 or 11 years, the old one was really in bad shape so it made sense.  They got the old one down in 15 minutes!
 The new one was in the truck.  
 The kids were fascinated.  

 Bye old set!

 Here comes the new one.  
 The wood looks so pretty.

 Yes, the kids kept bothering them.

 It was the same exact set we had just 11 years newer and with the addition of a monkey bar.  
 Doing the penguin maze on Eli's shirt.  
 It took just under 2 hours.  
 Cute shot!  The kids were so excited.  
 All the neighborhood kids were soon over.  

 The monkey bars are really high.  We need to get some pads.  

 This ball thing was a new addition too.  
 Even the big kids loved it.  
 Water balloon fight time!

 Honey came for a visit.  

 Back on the swing set.  

 I got Amy crab cakes from Maryland for an early birthday dinner.  She said they were yummy.  
 We invited the neighbors over for drinks and sweets to celebrate Amy's birthday.  

 It was nice of everyone to come.  

 We finished the night on the swing set.  

Monday, June 1, 2020

Exploring New Trails

It's Monday night and what a beautiful day it was.  It was almost possible to forget about the virus and the riots all around us.  Back to last Sunday.  
 We headed over to Tyler Park.  A girl we know turned 40 that day.  She had a little party in the park.  I wasn't expecting to see that.  

 Even Aden came this time.  He hasn't been leaving the house very much.  The kids wanted to climb this giant hill.  

 Hard to tell but it's very steep.  

 We made it!
 Time for more exploring.

 We found a new trail we hadn't seen before.  

 It was cool.  It went along a creek.  
People crossing the creek on a tree.
 Eli found a bridge.  

 Back to civilization.  

 That night we had a 40th birthday Zoom for our friend Becky.  That was fun.  
 A quiet night at home.