Monday, September 25, 2017

Dr. Ariel

What a hot. sunny beautiful Indian Summer day.  I'm still having mouth problems though so I'm pretty miserable.  These are from last Sunday and Monday.  Pick up at Hebrew School.  Someone gave us their old dance board so Ariel could practice her turns.

 Quiet day playing around the house.

 Amy and Noah were in their pjs all day.  The rest of us got out a little.
 Ariel and her cool shades.

 A picture of me cuddling with the kids!

 Eli has been walking around with this hat.
 Watching the planes going by.

 Dr. Ariel on duty.

 I took Eli to swim class.
 It was a very small class.
 Eli was not thrilled but not upset.  
 Right buddy?  I think Noah might be more excited when it's his turn.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


We had a fun childless night at the shore!  Thanks to everyone who helped with that!  Since it went so well, we may need to try it again someday soon!  I will talk about all that soon.  It felt like summer this weekend!  On the first weekend of Fall!  Let's get back to last weekend.

Saturday mornings are a bit crazy.  Ariel has dance.  The twins have soccer and Aden has soccer.  It's a logistical nightmare!

 First day of soccer for the twins.  Ariel did this class at their age.  I don't remember how Ariel did but the twins were a bit scared.
 Then they got into it.
 Look at those faces!
 They had a lot of different activities.
 Getting a little physical with the bigger kid.  
 Nate was there too!

 Then we went over to Aden's game in progress.
 Some action shots.  
Aden's team got really behind and almost caught up but not quite.
Heather kept the twins busy.

Cool action shot of Aden and Ben in the air.  

It's not fun to lose.
That night Amy and I went to a Bat Mitzvah in the Philly.  The service and party were done together at Coda nightclub on Walnut Street.  We were excited to get a night out with drinking and dancing.

The service was nice.
Amy and Melissa, the bat mitzvah girl's mom.
Time to dance!

Sophie's dress was pretty.
It was a pretty wild night.  
Andrew and I.
Yummy candy for dessert.

We took some of the girls home.
They got to parade down Walnut Street in their Sophabulous sweatshirts.
While we were there we got sent some updates on the kids.  They had dinner at Piccolos.
Then ice cream at Goodnoes.  So everyone was having fun!