Thursday, September 19, 2019

Aden Slips Out

It's Thursday night.  I had a fun guitar lesson today.  I started out only really playing the acoustic because it's easy to just pick up and play, you don't to worry about an amp, pedals or guitar settings, but I'm forcing myself to only play the electric so I can get better at it.  It really takes a light touch unlike the acoustic.  I know the beginnings of a bunch of songs.  I want to start learning how to solo.  I have take almost no pictures this week so I slowed down in what I'm sharing or I wouldn't have anything for next week.  I keep missing all the kids activities and it's so boring around the house!

Anyway, back to last Wednesday.  Football time.  I took this shot so you could see Aden compared to his teammate Devon.  Wow, that kid is big.  

 The quarterback warming up.
 Here we go!
 Good throw Aden, the defender almost had you.  

 It was a well played game but we lost.  
 Even with the great fan club.  

 Thursday after school.  
 Aden had tennis.  

 I need to start playing with him.  
 He had a buddy in the group next door.  
 Ariel wanted to feed her dolls dinner.  
 Then celebrate their birthdays!
 We had an ld cake in the freezer we wanted to get rid of so this all worked out.  
 We've been getting rid of the baby stuff.  Let us know if you need anything!  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Meet Mrs. Meryl's Class

It's a very cool Wednesday night.  We are just back from synagogue.  They had a presentation for the 6th-8th grade hebrew school families to talk about the upcoming year.  They did break the ice games with us.  I hate that.  They split us up by where we have lived or where we went to school.  The only thing I learned was that most of the kids were as annoying as ours!  Back to last Monday and Tuesday (I'm catching up!)

I might have mentioned I got my front windows tinted to match the back ones.  I should have done it ages ago.  I looks so much better!

 Football practice.  
 It got too buggy so I sat in my my car and took these with the telephoto lens.  

 Amy picked up Ariel from cheer that night and they went to Dairy Queen.  They didn't bring me home anything.  I'm not sure about Eli's face here.  
 I guess Ariel was enjoying her's.
 Meet Mrs. Meryl's Class.  We got the class book for the night.  

 We really need to practice drawing with Eli.  
 Eli like cats?  
 Noah did a little better.  

 This is how Ariel dressed for dance.  She has 2 classes on Tuesday.  Ballet and Jazz from 4:30-6:30.  She's adding hip hop later in the year.  

 Aden has 2 years to learn enough to play at his bar mitzvah!
 Night time craziness.  

 I may have mentioned they are considering rebuilding the boardwalk in Margate.   Here's a picture of the boardwalk in front of Lucy the Elephant!  Notice how they are running with bare feet on those very splitery boards.  

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Eagles Win!

It's Tuesday night.  We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch.  I haven't been to one in years.  I must say the food was a bit bland, I guess that's for the older clientele that usually goes there, but the gift shop was amazing.  I can never bring my family there because they would want to buy everything!  I did buy 1 thing.  Goo Goo Cluster candy from Nashville.  We had some down there so it was cool to see it again.  

A week ago Sunday, I went with Aden, Jaime and Jared to the opening Eagles game against Washington.  
 We were so excited for the new season to begin.  
 How cute is this!
 It was a sunny, warm day.  We tried to enjoy it because it won't stay like this for long!
 Check out the guy cheerleader!  He was actually pretty good.  
 Here come your 2019 Philadelphia Eagles!

 Now that's a flag.  
 Let's just say the first half they were a bit rusty but they came back to life in the second half and won the game!  
 While we were there, Amy took the twins to pick up Ariel at Hebrew school, where they played on the playground.  
 Amy was very ambitious.  She took the three little ones to the mall.  First they got shoes.  
 Then lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  
 Then Build a Bear!

 When Aden and I got back the kids showed us their new shoes.  
 Then we walked up to the school to play.  Ariel wore her new cowboy boots!
 Aden played football with his friends.  
 This was posted on Facebook by Ariel's coach.