Thursday, April 22, 2021

Eli's First Baseball Game

It's Thursday night.  Last Thursday we were panicked trying to get setup for the birthday weekend.  This weekend is thankfully going to be much quieter.  Today was ridiculously cold.  It felt like winter but it's supposed to be in the 80's next week so maybe this is it for the cold.  Back last Thursday.  Aden's year of tennis lessons are almost over.  He have to figure out what to do over the summer.  
It was the first baseball game!  Eli got dressed right away but Noah insisted he was not playing.  He's very set in his ways and was not used to a game on a school night.  
We got Noah dressed and to go but he never made it on the field.  Eli did great though!

Eli on first base!

I love the way they all run to the ball.  It's really funny.  

Eli's first at bat!  They have a pitching machine for the first 2 pitches then they set up the tee.

Run to third!

Noah pretty screamed the whole time that he hated baseball so eventually, Amy had to take him home.  
Having fun Eli?

So serious!

Some posing on first base.  

All was going great till Eli was hit by a pitch his last time up.  He cried the rest of the time and refused to play anymore.  Oh well.  
Ariel finished her painting!
On Friday, Rachel came for cheer.  

We will miss her when she goes to Penn State!
Her flexibility is getting better!
My parents came for a quick visit before Amy and I headed out to the shore.  Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Sweet Treats

Here's a quick post for your Thursday.  Last Wednesday, we received a treat from New York.  
Threw some pork on the smoker.  
Aden loved it.  Ate most of of it.  I was pretty heavy on the spices too.  He's trying new things which is great.  
Bounce house time.  

You wonder why there might be a hole in it.  
Lots of art projects.  
Not sure why Aden was bowing to Amy.  
Aden packed up all his little kid books.  
Ariel is enjoying that new bathroom.  


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Sore Hamstrings

Here's a quick post for Wednesday.  Last Monday the boys built their famous sofa fort.  
It's hard to tell but they had toys and food in there.  
Let's practice our X's and Y's.

Eli is obsessed with the thergun.  
On Tuesday they played outside after school.  
We thought this tree was dead but flowers appeared!
Noah doing one of his folded drawings.  
Homework time.  
My hamstrings are always sore.  The trainer loves to make me do dead lifts and squats.  Eli helped me with the theragun!


Monday, April 19, 2021

Did They Seriously Not Cancel the Game

It's Monday night.  Still recovering from the weekend.  I didn't sleep much but had tons of fun.  It was an emotional roller coaster.  But I really did feel the love from so many people.  I am a lucky person!  Back to last Sunday morning.  Aden had a flag football game in the pouring rain!  I sat in the car while the practiced.  
I headed out into the rain.  
Yuck.  It was so muddy too.  
Aden was soaked immediately 
He was dripping from his ears!
Half time pep talk.  

Run Aden!

Now this is rain!

Aden got to play some QB.

Good win guys!
That was one crazy game.  
That afternoon Rachel came.  
Ariel is getting better every week.  We just need to work on her confidence.  


Giuliana and Alex came to play.
They had strawberries with whipped cream and chocolate chips.  
Then some gymnastics.