Thursday, August 16, 2018

Empty Shelves

These will finish off last week.  Our local Giant is moving!  So weird to see empty shelves.  
 Eli is famous!  He made the NAC youth program catalog.  
 We finally got to meet our 19 year old babysitter's 3 year old sister!
 Nina is very shy.
 Go Gold Team!
 Ariel is ready to play an instrument.
 Cool clouds!

 I hate the rowing machines.

 Picking up Ariel from camp.  She stayed late for dance practice.
 The twins found all these crazy light operated toys to play with.

 It's an owl!  Noah's favorite.
 We went to Amy's salon to get all the boys haircuts.  

 Ariel got a wash.

 Late night card game with the sitter.
 We haven't made it to swim at the NAC very much this year.

 Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Pillow Crazy

There is a raging debate going on over here whether or not Aden should go to overnight camp next year.  The ones we would consider are 3 1/2 weeks or 7 weeks.  We drove up to the Poconos to visit a couple.  It was a pretty drive.  
 Up in the middle of nowhere.
 First stop Pine Forest Camp.  This was a popular place when I was a kid.
 I guess they were expecting us.  
 A lovely family has owned the camp since the 1930s.  The 93 year old great grandfather was wandering the camp with his walker!
 Air conditioned cafeteria.  They keep the boys and girls separate.  The meals are always regular, gluten free, vegetarian or kosher!
 We drove around the camp on a golf cart.  

 The boys bunks.

 They get prizes for having clean bunks.
 Ga Ga
 Nice boys kept stopping to talk to us.
 The lake is a bit of a hike.
 The girls bunks.
 Pillow crazy!
 The boys and girls have separate pools.  

 The canteen is a fun place to get snacks.

 Our cousin Sandy is friends with the director.  
 We stopped at the outlets in Tannersville to have lunch to charge my car.
 That was crazy fast.
 On to Camp Pinemere.  Our cousins go here.  It's more Jewish oriented.  

 No air conditioning here and it was hot!

 The kids we met were from all over the world!

 Most of the kids were away on a trip so it was quiet.  
 This is where they have Friday night services.
 It was so hot in the cafeteria.
 They do the prayers before and after the meal.  The next day Amy took Aden to see Camp Nock a Mixon where she and Melissa went.