Monday, November 12, 2018

Somewhere On The Beach

It's Monday night.  Noah is finally quiet.  He cries a lot!  He knows it too.  He usually apologizes.  He just can't control it.  Speaking of Noah.  Last Saturday morning he was chilling on Aden's bean bag.
Ariel was dressed for her soccer tournament which was cancelled due to the weather.  Her season is officially over.  
 We had Julia's birthday party at Bounce U.  It was Ariel's kindergarten friends.  I was kind of hoping we were done with this place.
 The kids had fun though.
 There's Ashley.

I think the balloons are coming!

 Group shot.
 Ariel likes to be the teacher.

 That night was the 40th anniversary party for our gym.  It was pretty spectacular.  
 Over 200 people.  Open bar, lots of food.
 Dierks Bentley the supposedly huge country star played for us!
 I had been listening to his music the last few weeks so I actually knew some of the songs!  Somewhere on the Beach baby!
 The next day we met Lindsay and Chad at Peddler's Village for the Apple Festival.  The roads were a mess.  It took forever to get there.  They had some good food trucks set up.

 We wandered around all the people.  
 Some yummy waffles and ice cream.
 This was only a few days after Halloween and the kids had to go in the candy shop.  

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Take Shelter Now

It's Sunday night.  We are watching the Eagles play very poorly against Dallas.  I might just go to bed and save myself the agony.  Here are some random pics from last week.  

They found a cool piggybank with lots of coins in it.  
 Of course it wasn't too long until the coins where everywhere!
 The babysitter likes to play games with the kids.
 I think this was early in the morning.  Eli found some candy.
 The twin's classroom.  Amy made the ghosts with them during their Halloween party.
There go the deer!
 The boys love to wrestle.  It's hard to get a clear shot.

 Everyone looking at their screens during dinner.
 Always singing for us.
 We made fresh cookies with ice cream!
 Fun in the tub.  
 This was crazy.  We got an emergency alert for a tornado late at night.  It said "take shelter now."  We weren't sure whether we should wake the kids and get them to the basement.
 We watched the storm but it never got right over us.  We got a call around 2 am on our landline telling us the alert was lifted.  Weird.  
 There is always a problem when we don't hear from the boys for a while.  
Then they moved up to Aden's room to make another mess!  This game stinks.  I'm going to bed!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Rest of Halloween

It's Thursday night.  We had a fundraiser for the twin's school at Chick fil A tonight.  The food was dreadful but the kids had fun with their friends running around.  

Back to finish off Halloween.  Eva made this at school.  So sweet!
Speaking of Eva, they came over for dinner and to trick or treat.
 The kids wanted a preview of the candy.

 Do we have to fill up on pizza?  We need to leave room for candy!
 Gwen found her happy place.
 We got all the kids dressed.

Then we tried for a group shot.
 This is the best we got!

 Here we go!

 Eli started off strongly.  
 He hit a few houses.

 Then he hit the ground!  I think it was some kind of anxiety.  He all the sudden did not want to trick or treat or go home.  He just wanted to be left alone!
 Noah ran ahead so I had to work quickly.  After a pep talk, he snapped out of it and ran to catch up with the other kids.
 Trick or treat!

 Full bag!
The big kids spend all night trading candy.  It gets pretty intense!  Have a great weekend!