Thursday, May 23, 2019

Field Day 2019

Last Friday was Field Day at Holland Elementary.  The neighborhood kids gathered early to paint their hair and faces either white or blue.  

 Yes, our kids were on opposing teams.  
 Let the games begin!
Up at the school, all the kids were outside.

They had all kinds of games set up.  The kids rotated every to minutes or so.  

 Ariel didn't want to pose for me.  She acted cool around her friends.  

They love getting splashed.  

 Inside the gym they played a cool game.  The kids wore the flag football flags and had to grab the other teams with one arm behind their backs.  
 The girls were too nice about it.  
 The boys attacked each other!
 Heather came by to visit and an old teacher came over to say hi.  Hard to believe she was in Elementary school 10 years ago!

 Ariel working on her bug project.  Have a great holiday weekend.  I will probably skip Monday.  

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

There's a Gator at the Door

Here's another big post from last week.  Early morning arts and crafts.
 I found this.  A letter Ariel wrote to her teacher.  Cute.

 Olympic Day at school.  
 Most of the kids, besides mine, really did a good job signing their names.  

 Bye dad!
 I saw this online.  Thought it was funny.  Or not.  
 Amy saw a doodle on our street.  Help me!

 The boys have a new timer to help with some of their behavior issues.  It's helping a little.  
 Football practice.  

 Cool Eli.  
 I headed to the shore house to do some pressure washing.  
 Check out this fence!

 Lunch at the Dairy Bar.  Yummy.  It's been too long.  
 Went to check out the beach.  They out a new ramp over the dunes.  They did a nice job finishing them off but they made the trip almost double as long!

 The twins brought home Charley Chick.  
 We read a book about him, then we had to to take him around and take pictures of him.  

 It was Breezy Point night at Chick-fil-A.  

 We saw friends and family.  
 Mrs. Maria!
 Charley Chick was not happy to be there.  
 Ariel found her friend Olivia!