Monday, October 23, 2017

Smiling Pumpkins

It's Monday night and it's football time!  It's the end of the first quarter and the Eagles are losing to the Redskins 3-0.  It's been a tough game so far with a ton of penalties.  I took my car in for it's one year service.  There are so few moving parts I'm not even sure what they did.  Speaking of my car...  Last Sunday our friends from the city came out with their 3 kids to go pumpkin picking with us.
 It was the first time the kids all met and they got along great.  We went to Shadybrook Farms which was packed!
First some bouncing.

 There was a lot to do there.

 Waiting in line for the hay ride.
 Eli was excited.
 A pretty decent shot of all of us.  
 Here are the pumpkins.  A big improvement from last year when the babies cried the whole time.  This time they loved it.

 They actually didn't mind posing for pictures.

 A picture with all 4 looking!

 I may need to print some of these.
 Then we shot some tomatoes and some paint balls.

 Then the big playground.
 Eli took a break to feed the chickens.

 Back to our house to eat dinner.  I see Eli enjoyed his cupcake.
 No crying over spilled milk!
 The kids and parents were all over the house.

 We will have to see them again soon.
 Watering Amy's plant is a family affair.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Soccer Superstars

Happy Sunday night!  We had a pretty quiet weekend.  Got to hang out with newer and older friends.  The weather was nice so we got to be outside a little.  The twins are getting over colds and were in pretty good moods.  They had us laughing tonight.  They were standing on chairs singing something about tushies while they were shaking their butts!  Here's a quick post from last Saturday.

Aden had soccer.  And what a game it was.  They were so dominant that we had to play with less players than the other team most of the game.
Here are some action shots.
 I love when I capture moments like this.  Aden right after a score.

 Aden is up in the air quite often.
 Aden and Ben.

 They won 7-0 even playing with three less players then the other team!  We are good!
 This came up on Facebook.  Does anyone see Eli?
 Hanging with Gwen.
 They still love to dot dot.
 Noah showed his OCD behavior.  He filled in every circle in the whole book.
 We were off to soccer but not off to a good start.
 They were miserable.
 They wouldn't participate.
 We weren't sure why.  The week before they were great.
 Grandmom took Ariel to her favorite place after dance.  We stayed in Saturday night because we had a big Sunday coming up and we needed to rest!