Friday, November 17, 2017

The Cereal Had No Chance

Oops.  Totally forgot a Friday post.  It's now Friday evening.  I guess better late then never.  

Eli being Eli.

 Bingo night at Holland Elementary.

 Aden was not a big winner this year has he has been in years past.

 Wow it was cold last Saturday.
 Haircut time for Aden and daddy.  Ariel just comes for the candy.
 Aden was always against it, now loves to get his hair washed.

 Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ariel is a Big Help

A short post tonight as I am running low on pictures.  It's time to take the trash out.  Anyone else make about 20 bags full a week like we do?  I like the morning drop offs for Ariel.  The kids and parents all seem to arrive at the same time so it's a bit crazy but I like everyone.
 Ariel usually pushes me out the door.
 Music class.  Michael was there!  We haven't seen him for a while.  

 It was a mellow class.

 The boys were happy but quiet.

 Eli was fascinated with the Cantor's motorcycle.
 Normal morning craziness.
 Ariel is thankfully a big help.  
 Running to class!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Today was rough but Eli has a new set of ear tubes.  He was actually great.  The hardest part was getting through the morning not giving Eli any food while feeding the other kids and making lunches.  He didn't cry at all though and actually made everyone laugh.  His ears were super clogged so maybe this will help with his sleep and speech.  

Eli was excited to bring his turkey to school last week.
 At cheerleading, things finally got serious.  
 They learned their routine for the competition. 

 This is going to be along year!
 Calling Dr. Eli.

 Aden had a training session at the gym.

 Our big boy.
 We took the older kids to the high school to see the school play.
 The play was great.  The kids are really talented.

 Good night.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Two Teepees and a Turkey

Tomorrow Eli is getting his ear tubes redone.  Since the old ones are falling out way too soon, they are going to remove them and put in new ones.  I'm nervous about it because poor Eli has to fast until it's over and they have to put him under.  I somehow have to get the other kids to school while this is all happening.  And we just had a surprise.  We out the twins in their cribs and said good night.  About an hour later, we found Eli playing in Aden's room!  He finally broke out!  We have to figure out very quickly what to do about that.  

Here are some random pics from last week.  On our way to school!
 Mrs. Maria is making them very independent.  They have to put away their lunches and hang their jackets themselves.
 This was interesting.
 Their school pictures were there!
Eli was out that day sick.
 We brought him in the next day for the group picture but he still wasn't felling well.
 Let's make pancakes!
 The end up eating more chocolate chips than pancakes.

 Aunt Bevy making Aden eggs.
 Time to work on our yearly Breezy Point Thanksgiving projects.
 They kids had a lot of fun with Aunt Bevy who brought the stuff and worked with all three kids.

 Finished products.

 Love those bedtime stories.