Thursday, July 19, 2018

Aden's Party Part 2

It's Thursday night.  I'm a full week behind on these pictures.  We just have so much going on and I'm taking way too many!  My work computer is out of memory and I use that as a backup.  SO back to Aden's party last Thursday.  

The kids had fun in the pool.
Then they got out.  They looked like they had huge muscles!
Chloe wants something from Gwen.
 The boys got a little rough in the bounce house.

 Cake time!

 Make a wish Aden!
 Cousin cuddles.
 Eli ate a lot of cake!

 A little more Can Jam before they left.
 Friday morning Noah tried out his Paw Patrol projection watch.
 Amy and I went into camp to bring a treat for Aden's birthday.  Hard to believe we hadn't been here in a year.  We knew so many people!
 There's Ariel!
 We found Aden's bunk!

 The twins wanted to see the horses.

 The big birthday boy.
 They found a playground.
 Aden had hockey leagues.  

 There's Sammy!
 We had ice cream with Ariel's bunk.

 Ariel and her buddies.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Aden's Birthday Party Part 1

 What a beautiful day today.  I wonder if this is what it's like in San Diego.  Noah was just sitting in the tub and told me he was making bubbles.  I asked how he was making bubbles.  He said out of his butt!  What was that Eli asked?
 A sneak peak at Aden's birthday present.
 Let's chase bunnies!

 Where did they go?
 Loading up the super Nerf gun.

 We left the twins home and took Aden and Ariel to Uva for Aden's birthday dinner.  
 Yummy lava cake!

 The next night was Aden's 10th birthday party.  He has always had such huge parties.  Sometimes more than 50 people with all the families of his friends.  Last year we told him we were cutting back but still ended up having a big swim party at the NAC.  This year was ridiculously small.  Just a few friends and some family.  
 What is that Eli?  Someone gave us a moon bounce just in time.
 The boys went right in the pool.  We got them a lifeguard so we could relax.
 Eva and Gwen were the first ones in the moon bounce.

 The pool was really warm.

 The boys kept jumping out of the pool, playing some games, then jumped right back in.
 Hi Eli!

 Having fun Gwen?  To be continued.