Wednesday, November 20, 2019


It's Wednesday night.  The boys are relaxing and watching Peppa Pig.  It's pretty annoying to have on behind me.  As long as they are quiet.  These are from last Tuesday and Wednesday.  

Ariel made a 76ers turkey!
 The rest of her class.  
 Aden had his first basketball practice that night.  He's finally with all his friends.  
 Slight problem, look at the baskets.  They are up in the air.  

 Eventually they found someone to lower the baskets.  

This was the day in 1955 that the lightning bolt hit the clock tower!
Check this cake out.  
 Where is Eli?  Under the bed.  
 Time for bed.
 It was really cold on Wednesday.  
 Ariel had her last cheer practice for the year.  They are going to start up again in January.  
 See ya soon girls.  
 The twins brought home the class book.  
 Noah did ok.  
 Not sure about Eli's.  
 Here are some of their friends.  

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Visitation Week

It's Tuesday night.  Just got back from a guy's night out.  We played Quizzo.  It's a fun group of guys from the pre-school.  Here's a quick post from last Monday.  

Busy before school.  
 It was education week.  Amy and I went to Ariel's class first.  
 Ariel had to talk in front of the class about her favorite people.  She picked Gwen and Eva!  It was cute.  

 Then we went to Aden's class.  What a difference going from 2nd to 6th.  Some of the kids were as big as me!  
 It's also such a different atmosphere.  The 2nd graders sit at their desks as raise their hands.  The 6th graders are all over the place.  The have a lot of independence.  They can even eat whenever they want.  
 Mrs. Kiker handled them well.  
 That night was the last gym class session.  They had a substitute teacher.  

 The end of any class usually means there's going to be a parachute.  
 We have to find a new class for the boys.  

Monday, November 18, 2019

Ariel and Tenney in NYC

It's late Monday night and the twins are still talking!  I guess that's what happens when you have a sleepover with your best friend every night.  Here's a long post from last Sunday.  

Ariel and Amy had a fun day in New York City.  They met Ariel's friend Mika to go to FAO Schwartz and the American Girl Doll Store.  First Ariel and Tenney took the train.  
 Yummy doughnuts at Penn Station.  
 They bought $60 worth of Baked by Melissa cupcakes.  
 Here are some shots from the American Girl store.  The dolls got their hair done and ears pierced!

 Then it was lunch time.  
 Ariel passed out on the train on the way back.  The train was so crowded, there were no seats.  
 Meanwhile, I took the boys back to Funzilla.  Aden had a youth group trip there and the twins just wanted to go.  Thankfully, Heather came to help.  

 Aden had fun with his friends.
 Heather ran around with the boys.  I supervised.  

 All my boys love to climb.  

 Are we tall enough to go on the go karts?  

 Here we go!
 We raced Heather and Noah.  
 Then some jumping.  

 Eli lost his sock in the foam pit!
 All the youth group kids.  
 That night we went to Gandma's Grotto for dinner.