Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Touch That Paint

It's Wednesday night.  Today was beautiful.  Too bad we spent most of it at the doctors but all is well, no need to worry.  Let's go back through last week.  Cheerleading!
 Ariel had a pout the whole time.  Not sure why.

 A different angle.  
 Still pouting.
 A preview of Aden's Halloween outfit.
 Ariel gave out her birthday invitations at school.  She wrote all the kids names on the envelopes herself.
 I don't have any great pictures but our friend Kathy was in from Arizona and met us for dinner.

 Boys and their screens.  

 Eli is all about umbrellas these days.  
 Everyone in fire trucks!
 It was fire prevention week so we were going to see real fire trucks that night.
 Noah got a hug from a friend!
Their teacher sent this picture.  Noah has been having a rough time touching new things.  That day he dove right into the paint!

 Amy chaperoned Aden's class trip to the Churchville Nature Center.  I got a Tweet that they were on their way!
 They learned all about the Lenape Indians.  (I think you have to say Native Americans now)
 Making fire.

 He looks thrilled here.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Orange Hands

So what do you think?  
 I thought this Facebook memory was cute.
 Where is Eli?
 Peek a boo!  He's been hiding a lot.
 Off to school.
 He took out the ice cream himself.  
 It was before dinner so poor kid didn't get any.
 Practicing our A's.
 Practicing soccer!

 What are you doing with that trash can Eli?

 Off to school again.
 We haven't met their friends yet.  Maybe when the birthday parties start.
 This was after school.  Noah was ready to go.
 Orange hands.

 Don't get excited, both boys have no idea what the potty is for.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Paradise City

It's Monday night.  The twins did not sleep well last night so fingers crossed tonight.  It's so hard to go to the gym and exercise on a few hours sleep but somehow I did it.  I've been exercising steadily for almost 6 months!  I'm still waiting to see a difference.  The twins have been super funny.  I need to take more videos.  They are talking so much and saying the funniest things.  Just look at these faces!
 Last Sunday morning we went to synagogue.  They unfurled the whole torah scroll!
 Then it was a Sukkah party.

 Yummy milkshakes.

 We stopped by our neighbor Jake's 1st birthday party.  He's starting to walk!
 Then we headed to Amy's parent's house for Gwen's baby naming.  Eli found fruit.
 Our friend Larry the rabbi conducted a pretty ceremony.
 The grandparents got to speak.  
 Yummy sweets.

 We found this picture of Amy around Ariel's age.  What do you think?

 Sunday night, I went with three friends to see Guns N Roses!  I had never seen them and was excited.  We got seats last minute and were right on the side of the stage!
 It was crazy.  They played for 3 1/2 hours without stopping!  I was exhausted just watching.  Axl Rose screams the whole time, I don't know how he does it.  

 Jason and I.
 Paradise City.

 33 songs!  Great show!