Thursday, November 15, 2018

Why is the Chick-fil-A Line So Long?

It's a stormy Thursday night.  We were told there would be a little snow earlier today but that it would quickly change to rain.  Not quite.  It was total chaos.  It snowed most of the day and it was slippery.  Cars were stuck everywhere and there were countless accidents.  It took me 2 1/2 hours to get home and I was scared the whole way.  The schools got out at 12 but some of the kids didn't get home till after 4!  The buses were getting stuck.  Amy got the twins early so all the kids were home safe by 12:30.  It's still sleeting.  I can hear it on the windows.  I'm nice and cozy with the heat cranking and wearing my sweats under a big blanket!

Last week, the twin's school had a fundraiser at Chick-fil-A.  Amy dragged me there.  Ariel saw Olivia right away.
The boys had a bunch of friends there.  Right Kennedy?
 Mrs. Maria was there!

 The kids went wild in the play area.

I've noticed Amy has been dressing them similarly lately.  Not sure I like that.  
 Ariel being a good mommy.

 The boys can't get enough of those Spiderman costumes.  
 Notice how they are going through the candy.
 Bingo night at school.  Aden sat with our neighbors.  
 Ariel sat with a bunch of boys.
 I wandered around and chatted with people.  Amy was out with the mom's of Breezy Point.  
 Ariel wanted to answer a trivia question but Aden beat her to it!

 None of us were winners.
 That night our sitter went nuts with Ariel's hair!  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Our American Girl

It's Wednesday night and we have some exciting news.  We got Aden's Bar Mitzvah date! (no, we are not having another baby!) . Details to follow!  Here's a picture of me my cousin found!
 Ariel had a New York adventure last week.  It was Amy's third in as many weeks!  Amy and her mom took Ariel to the American Girl Store in Rockefeller Center.  I wasn't there so you will have to experience it through Amy's pictures.  Ariel and her doll Rebecca got the same haircut!

 They both look great!

 Then Ariel got to eat with Rebecca.

Ariel got a new friend Tenney.  She play guitar like me!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

BP Dad's Club

It's Tuesday night.  Aden starts basketball later and even later I'm going to try the adult class/jam session at the School of Rock!I think playing with other people will be a big help.  

These are from last week.  We got Noah and Eli's school picture back.  So cute!
Relaxing after dinner.

 There's the girl!
 Butt, I mean bath time!
 Enjoying that bath Eli?
 Election Day morning.  Amy took the older two to vote.
 The dads from Breezy Point were planning on getting together.  One dad said he would make this for us.  (Yes, that's the Frozen font)
 Mara came over to play.

 Ariel went to pick out a birthday box at Learning Express.
Will she get any of it?  Guess we will find out in a couple of weeks.
 Here's my guitar teacher messing around on my guitar.  I can't wait till I can do stuff like that!

Ariel had her cheer banquet.  
 She's going to take tumbling classes and is excited for next year already!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Somewhere On The Beach

It's Monday night.  Noah is finally quiet.  He cries a lot!  He knows it too.  He usually apologizes.  He just can't control it.  Speaking of Noah.  Last Saturday morning he was chilling on Aden's bean bag.
Ariel was dressed for her soccer tournament which was cancelled due to the weather.  Her season is officially over.  
 We had Julia's birthday party at Bounce U.  It was Ariel's kindergarten friends.  I was kind of hoping we were done with this place.
 The kids had fun though.
 There's Ashley.

I think the balloons are coming!

 Group shot.
 Ariel likes to be the teacher.

 That night was the 40th anniversary party for our gym.  It was pretty spectacular.  
 Over 200 people.  Open bar, lots of food.
 Dierks Bentley the supposedly huge country star played for us!
 I had been listening to his music the last few weeks so I actually knew some of the songs!  Somewhere on the Beach baby!
 The next day we met Lindsay and Chad at Peddler's Village for the Apple Festival.  The roads were a mess.  It took forever to get there.  They had some good food trucks set up.

 We wandered around all the people.  
 Some yummy waffles and ice cream.
 This was only a few days after Halloween and the kids had to go in the candy shop.