Thursday, February 25, 2021

Lazy Day in Margate

It's Thursday night.  The twins will not go to sleep.  We are trying to be patient but it's hard.  At least tomorrow is Friday.  Ariel's bathroom is going so slowly.  They were here from 8-4 today and put down a few feet of tile.  Come on already!  They said they are working slowly to make sure they don't make any mistakes.  I guess that's something.  Back to last Friday.  Eli and I were up early at the beach house.  He went back to fix up his doctor chair.
He was in this set up for days!  
Ariel and Aden had virtual school.  
I took Eli to WaWa and Hot Bagels to pick up breakfast.  
We kept the boys busy while the other two were in class.
Eli strung up these lights himself.  
It was a pajama kind of day.  
Got Sack O' Subs for dinner.  Yum.  
Being silly.  
Bedtime.  They really want to sleep on top.  Not yet.  
Snuggling with my girlie.

Good night boys!  Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Slushy and Icy at the Shore

Here's a big post for your Thursday.  Last Thursday there was a pretty big snowstorm at home.  In Margate, there was a little snow storm that quickly changed to sleet and freezing rain.  
I checked my security cameras at home.  It was looking very white.  
Our neighbor sent us this pic out her front door.  
At the shore we just had a dusting.  
Our friends were staying at a Casino in Atlantic City at the other end of the island we were on and sent this picture.  
Back inside Eli was up early to play with.

He helped me make pancakes.  
At home, they plowed my driveway but just pushed all the snow into a big pile that blocked our first garage door. 

We got a new sitter to come over.  
Amy and I ran some errands.  It did look pretty outside.  
The roads were slushy at first.  
Then they got really icy.  
You can kind of see the ocean crashing onto the road.  We should have stayed home.  It was scary driving around. 
Eli out all the outdoor pillows together and called it his doctor bed.  

Noah was his first patient.  
All better.  
Eli was obsessed with this!
We watched the Mars rover land.  It was very exciting.  
A quick look outside.  Slushy.  Icy.  
Yay!  It landed safely!
We got takeout from Steve and Cookies for dinner.  Super yummy.  

I took the kids to Wawa to get a few things we needed.  


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Aden Has Braces!

It's Tuesday night and it's still above 40 so hopefully that snow is melting.  It's supposed to be close to 50 tomorrow.  I had my third guitar lesson since I restarted them.  Hopefully I can stick with it this time.  We are in week 2 of Ariel's bathroom renovation and they haven't starting tiling yet.  Speaking of Ariel's bathroom, back to last Monday when it all started.  The workers come before 8 which means we really have to get going early.  

I took Aden to get his real braces put on.  He had them on briefly a few years ago but now he has enough adult teeth to really get going.  He opted for clear ceramic ones that hopefully will not be as noticeable in his Bar Mitzvah pictures in October.  He was sore for a day but now is not complaining about them.
Later that day I saw Ariel's bath demolition was complete.  
So wide open.  
Aden showed Ariel his braces.  
Then he attacked the twins.  
What do you think Noah?
Tuesday morning, Eli worked on his letters.   
Loving their giant Hot Wheels sets.  
Rummy Quirkle!
Check this out!  Bev got the kids these neat projectors.
Wednesday morning, the kids did their pushups.  Ariel needs to bulk up a little for cheer.  
It was pajama day so they got to be comfy at school.  I still can't believe this is the closest I can get to seeing the boys in class.  
I thought this was funny on Wednesday.  
We made a last minute trip to the shore with the kids for a getaway.  We only planned to stay a night but we ended up staying three!