Thursday, January 14, 2021

Bye Grogu

It's Thursday night.  End of the week again.  Poor Noah had a rough day at school.  He's not very good at being flexible.  They tried to change his seat at lunch and he had a total tantrum.  He's smart but so emotional.  You should have seen him reading tonight though.  It's pretty amazing.  Back to last Thursday and Friday.  

I think I told you about this guy before.  He runs a tennis class where Aden takes his lessons and he runs it like Cobra Chai!
It starts from taking a couple of parking spaces in his giant Hummer.  
He then yells at the kids for an hour.  I don't think I've actually seen them play tennis.  
Hey girls.  

It's always cold in the house.  We keep blankets everywhere.  
Nice coloring Noah.  
Math homework.  
Flying twins!

That night, I finished the Mandalorian.  If you haven't seen it yet, skip this and the next picture.  Hey R2D2!
Bye Grogu!
Friday after work, I went to the gym.
Still too crowded.  My trainer and I stay alone in a corner.  
It's hard to play Hungry Hungry Hippos without marbles.  
Practicing flips on the ottoman.  
The boys still have the changing table in their room.  Ariel uses it for her dolls!  Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Homemade Chicken Soup

It's Wednesday night.  These are from last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  

Monday morning Honey came for a visit.  Actually, Eva and Honey came to spend the day.  

This was Eva and Ariel in school.  
This is Aden and Honey in school.  
They could be modeling something.  
The gym that afternoon.  Are these college kids ever leaving?  
That night we roasted a chicken.

It's done!  I'm pretty sure this is Amy's favorite meal.  We had another reason for making it though.  Stay tuned for that.  

He wanted a hippopotamus for Christmas.  Lol.  
Eli made an obstacle course in the basement.  
This was part of it.  

Tuesday, Ariel had school at home.  
That night, we made chicken soup from scratch.  I took the bones from the roasted chicken and boiled them in water with veggies and spices to make the broth.  
Then I added the leftover chicken, of which there was not a lot as Amy and Aden ate it for lunch, and carrots and celery.  I came out great!

Wednesday, I walked into the gym locker room to the craziness in DC.  I had been avoiding the news for a few days for mental health reasons but I couldn't take my eye off of this!

Quiet night.  

We had a slight problem in Ariel's room.  


Tuesday, January 12, 2021

1977 Millennium Falcon

Here's a quick post from last Sunday for your Wednesday.  We woke up at the shore after a good night's sleep.  We always sleep well there.  Eli helped me make pancakes.  

Ariel had virtual Hebrew School from her bed.  
Eli got into the decorations again.  They were everywhere!
Amy always has the activities ready to go.  It was too cold and rainy to go outside.  

We packed up and headed home after lunch.  
Goodbye Margate for now.
Back at home we opened the mail.  Someone sent us an Eli!
Robot programming time.  
Amy took down my original 1977 Millennium Falcon for the boys to play with without asking me!  I was in the other room and sensed something was wrong.  
I let them play and little and watched closely.  I started putting it away and Eli said I could leave it out so he could play with it the next day.  No dude.  It went right back to the top shelf!