Sunday, December 17, 2017

I Want Birthday Cake!

It's Sunday night.  We had a pretty full weekend.  Not much rest for the weary.  The older kids are still up watching the Sound of Music.  They play this every year at this time.  We were wondering why.  What does it have to do with anything?  Thankfully Hanukkah is almost done.  There are way too many new toys around this house.  The twins are overwhelmed.  Let's go back to last weekend.  We had a ton of plans on Saturday.  Starting with dance.  
 Uh oh, what's this?  They said the snow was coming but that it wouldn't stick to the streets.  

 Noah and Ariel played on the deck.  Eli wouldn't go outside.  The snow got heavy and it was sticking so sadly Gwen's first birthday party was cancelled and the first party the twins were invited to by a classmate was postponed.  Our last big event was to meet friends in Princeton for dinner.  Jordyn, our summer mother's helper, was going to drive in from Allentown to sit but the roads were just too bad.  We scrambled all day to find a new sitter.

Aden ran around with his friends.

 Well we got a sitter last minute but we only made it about a mile before we gave up, the roads were awful!  We just had dinner locally with friends.  
 Sunday morning was the rescheduled party for Camille.  I really didn't get any good pictures.  This was the first time we really got to see all their new friends in one place and meet their parents.  

 I didn't stay very long, I had other pressing matters.
 Amy took these pics of the crepes being served.  The twins had no idea what to do with them.  I think crepes might have been a little fancy for 2 year olds.

Mark's family was in from Pittsburgh so we all got together to celebrate Gwen's birthday to make up for the cancelled party.
 Tea time.
 Gwen loves to eat!

 We watched the Eagle's game.
 And played.

 Beautiful cake!
 Happy Birthday Gwen!
 She took a taste.
 So did Eli!  If you ask Eli at anytime what he wants to eat so will always say birthday cake!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Broadway Baby

It's Thursday night.  All is at least for now temporarily quiet.  I went to a couple of parties today.  It's a festive time of year.  We need to start making plans for New Years Eve.  Anyone want to join us?  Back to Ariel's play.  Here are some more pics and I threw in some videos.  

 Trying that big kick.

 The whole crew.
 Giving Mrs. Maria a big hug.
 The kindergarten kids.  
 We had so much fun watching the kids.
 More hugs.
 Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Broadway Santa

I wasn't sure what to do with this post.  I took a ton of pictures and videos at Ariel's school play.  I think tonight I'm just going to post some pics and tomorrow I will do the videos.  I know it's a lot of pics of the same thing but I just love all of Ariel's expressions.  By the way, it's snowing right now.  Ugh.  

What is this in our tree?  Bee hive?  Bird nest?
 Our big boy!
 Celebrating his big day by running around like crazy.

 It will be your day soon!
 I went to a dinner at synagogue where former Eagle John Runyan was the guest speaker.  I should have taken a picture with him so you could see how huge he is.  
 It was a fascinating talk about his time in the NFL and in Congress.  So many things I didn't know about.  
Friday night, we had Ariel's school play.  It's been a long process.  Many night practices.  We had fun but we are glad it's over.  Mrs. Maria made an original play this year.

 The cast were the kindergartners and the elementary school kids that come to Breezy Point before or after school.  
 It was standing room only.  This pic was taken early, eventually there were as many people standing as sitting.  
 Here we go!
 Ariel found Aden.
 There he is!
 The play was pretty cute for an original.  Southampton Day Camp can learn a lot from Mrs. Maria.  
 One dance number.

 The older kids were cute.  They really knew their lines.
 Another dance number.

 I love this pic.  Jazz hands.

 Enjoy the snow!