Tuesday, September 22, 2020

I Looked at the Sun

It's Tuesday night and I'm trying the really big pictures again.  I used the smoker tonight to make chicken legs.  I thought they came out great.  Aden gave me a 10 out of 10.  Amy again though was not impressed.  All I know is I need a shower.  I totally smell like smoke.  These are from last Monday and Tuesday.  

Thankfully, the twins can drive themselves to school now.  Amy and I can sleep in.  
So I took Aden to football practice that night.  It was the weirdest thing.  It didn't come out in the picture but there was something off about the sun.  I couldn't stop staring at it and it didn't hurt my eyes!  I felt like a moth.  It had a weird purple glow.  
Here's a closeup.  I actually checked the news to make the world wasn't ending.  I wrote to Aden's science teacher but didn't hear back.  It really freaked me out.  
Nobody else seemed to notice.  
I took a long walk around the track at Memorial Park.  It's pretty there.  

The boys were chilling before bed.  
Tuesday morning, it was crazy cold!  It hadn't been this cold since Spring.  
Being silly before school.  
Backpacks and masks.  The teacher comes out and takes their temperature then they run in.  I miss being able to hang out.  
Oh, this explains the sun.  It was actually the smoke from the forest fires out west, which is nuts.  
All the kids wrestling.  

We had to get them out of the house.  
Go Aden!

They played flashlight hide and seek in the neighbor's basement.  


Smoked Chicken

Here is Tuesday's post!  It's a long one.  Back to a week ago Saturday.  After football and cheer we came home to a sad sight.  Aden's best friend Jason was moving out.  Luckily he will be close by.
Aden had a birthday party at his friend Dylan's.  We decided to walk over and check it out.  
We took that secret path we discovered earlier in the summer.  
We weren't expecting this!  I had to run home to get bathing suits for the kids.  

Eli and his poop.  

The big girls loved Ariel and ran around with her.  
Ariel in the cold pool!
Eli and Ariel were in the hot tub with the girls.  
Aden jumped in!

Aden is going to be quite the ladies man I have a feeling.  

Walking back.  
That night we went to dinner at Solstice with Dave and Julia.  It was chilly outside but the food was good and we had fun.  
Sunday morning I took out my latest toy.  My Asmoke Smoker.  I had to do the initial burn off.  
Then we played outside.  

Our neighbor is a chiropractor.  He brought some of the tape for Ariel's ankle so she wouldn't have to wear the brace as much.  

The first Eagles game of the year.  Luckily, I guess, it wasn't a great game so I was able to spend time outside cooking.  
I decided to go with chicken for my first smoke because it takes less time than meat but you really have to baby it.  
I had brined it the night before and spent about 5 hours smoking and basting the chicken.  
It's Honey!

Aden is as tall as Melissa!
Getting close to Amy!
Almost done!
Did the steak on the regular grill.  I have to say, the chicken might have been the best thing I ever made!  It was so juicy and smokey.  
Kid's table.  
We had a project for the kids.  

Smores time!
I got a nice fire going.  

Why does summer have to end?