Monday, April 23, 2018

She's 98!

It's Monday night.  Ariel and I were just outside looking at the sky.  They are studying constellations at school and she wanted to see the Big Dipper.  She found it right away!  Although being outside at this time of year just makes me sneeze!  I'm still way behind in pictures.  These are from last Sunday and I still haven't shared Ariel's school play the week before.  All the sudden, there are so many activities going on.  Aden had been looking forward to flag football for a long time.  He played with Jason and Finn.  
What is going on?  This is mid April!
The boys were excited though.

They broke into 2 teams and got some instruction.  

 This is pretty cool.  Aden hiked it to Jason who threw it to Finn for the touchdown!

 Aden throwing for a touchdown!

Eva spent the afternoon with us.  
 Then we went to dinner.  Our car was full!
We went to Grandma's Grotto to celebrate my grandmother's 98th birthday!  My aunt and cousins joined us.  

 Eli chilling.
 Birthday cake time!

 We don't get to see Genny enough.

 Happy Birthday Bubbie!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Happy Birthday Israel

It's Sunday night and I don't feel good so here is a quick post.  

Ariel had picture day at dance school.  Here's preview of her outfit.
 We've been having 2 baby sitters at the same time.  Ariel hogs them both.
 There was a special 4th grade program during Hebrew School.  Amy stayed with Aden.  
 I took the boys to another room for their own fun program.

They love those water dispensers.
 Meanwhile, Aden and the other kids were learning how to make Israeli salad and humus.

 Ate cut tomatoes.
Brandon peeled the cucumbers.
 Then Aden cut those.
This was the humus making area.  
The rabbi gave a nice talk about Israel for it's 70th birthday.
Back to the twins.

 Parachute time.

They made Israeli flags out of graham crackers.  Eli just made a mess.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

First Baseball Game

Today was Aunt Beverly's birthday!  They all came over our house for cake tonight!

Here's a super huge post to finish out the week.  Some morning fun in Ariel's class.

 Late Friday afternoon, we had a sneak preview of the NAC pool!

 After 5 years, Amy and I finally made it to the adult pool!

 They were filling the kids pool.

 Lucky boys got some doughnuts!
 I had to take Aden to buy a new bat.  They changed the regulations.  Of course Ariel had to buy one too.
 It's in the 80's!

 That night, Ariel went to dance school for a party.  Amanda was there and took care of her.  
Saturday was Aden's first baseball game.  It was still nice.  In fact, a little too nice.  Aden's face and my arm got burnt even though we applied lotion.  

 Go Golden Rams!
 Our handsome athlete.
He struck out every time and was not happy about it.  It's hard to know when to swing when the kids pitch everywhere and the teenage umpires have always moving strike zones.  
 While we were there, Amy, her mom and the kids were at McDonalds!  I don't know how that happened but Eli looks happy.

 Then they came over to the game.

 The twin haven't been around dogs in a while so they don't really know how to react to them.
 The boys got a little disruptive.

Ariel is showing an interest again!
 It was a long game.
 We took the boys for a walk to the neighbors house when we got home.
 Now that's a trampoline!

 Have a great weekend!