Thursday, April 18, 2019

Happy Birthday to Me

It's Thursday night.  My birthday is just about over. I had a very nice and somewhat relaxing day. More on that later. Another week of posts is done.  Here are some more random pics from last week.  I was at the gym and this girl grabbed my phone thinking it was someone else's and left a silly selfie.  She realized it the next day and everyone was laughing when I got to the gym.  
The boys were showing us how to do bridges.
Football practice.  It was freeeeezing!
Aden actually wore a sweatshirt, which he never does.  I was under a blanket and shivering.  What happened to 80 degrees?
This cute baby was there but she must have been so cold.
It was the longest hour.
Check this out.  It's a new slide being built at the twin's camp.
Not sure why I took these.  Just a normal night at home.

Ariel loves to read to the boys.

School pickup!

This is the incubator in the twin's classroom.  
Eggs!  Hoping we will see chicks soon!
My big girl!
Wrestle time!
Baby Shark Do Do Do Do!  I need this blanket!
My sweet girl!
The twins finished their 2 weeks in the rainforest.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Where is Eli?

It’s Wednesday night and tomorrow is my birthday.  Not sure how I feel about that. These are random pics from last week.  Aden was going in late one day so Amy walked Ariel to school.  Eli ran out the door after them.  If you squint you can make him running up the path to the school. 
It's a little scary that he has been leaving the house on his own.  It's a good thing the doors beep.
Wow.  Nice day!
Amy took the boys to the playground.
After school we played outside.  
Ariel has been wanting to drive her Escalade for a while.
Allison was over to help.
How's your drive going Ariel?
Allison got creative with the driveway chalk.  It kept the kids very interested.  
Although it made quite a mess.
Aden and I played a little Horse.

My mini me.

I saw this in a bathroom.  Lol.
This is another day.  
Back outside. 
Let's go!
They drove around looking for kids but didn't find any.

They are getting bigger!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Bubbie is 99!

It's Tuesday night and we are watching Idol from last night.  They keep saying this is the best group ever but I'm not so sure.  And their song choices from the first live show were awful.  Climb Every Mountain anyone?  And that dude just made it through.  The boys have been driving us crazy.  We have met a few families recently with older twins.  They say it doesn't get easier.  I wish I didn't know that!

Last Sunday was a really nice day!
First flag football game!
I took a few action shots.  It was a pretty exciting game.  The boys played well.

Sadly we lost though. 
Nap time?  Yeah right.  I'm not sure why Amy tries anymore.  They just run out the door.
We met my aunt Fran and cousin Rebecca to celebrate my grandmother's 99th birthday!  Wow!  That was a fast almost century.  Seems like just yesterday she was born, if yesterday was 1920!  She was happy being around some of the great grandkids.  

Cousin Israel!
Cake time!

Eli's favorite meal!
Bev made her wreathes to hang on her door.
Happy Birthday Bubbie!