Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Whole World Smiles at Me

It's Sunday night.  We have survived Mary Poppins.  Ariel was in 4 high school shows this weekend are we were there for most of it!  It was fun though.  I will post pictures and videos soon.  Today was the Purim carnival at synagogue.  All the kids had a lot of fun.  I didn't take a lot of pictures last week so the posts might be a bit shorter.  

Last Saturday, Aden had his first basketball playoff game.  He gets embarrassed when I say too much about it but it was a good one!
 They dominate most of the game.  
 This is one of Aden's two baskets.  

The other team came back but it wasn't enough or in time.  On to play the #1 seed on Monday.  
 I took the kids to visit my grandmother.  
 They were all gathered around listening to a singer.
 We surprised her.  She was very excited.  
 My grandmother sang.  

Then her sister Norma sang!

 Ariel sporting my cool new Eagle's jacket.
 We hung out for a while.

 That afternoon, our cousins Lisa and Ronnie stopped by.  Ronnie loved rough housing with all the boys.  
 Mini me?

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Daddy Daughter Dance

It's super late Thursday night.  Ariel was in her first high school production tonight!  She had a bit part in Mary Poppins.  It was very cute.  Only 3 more shows to go!  I will tell you all about it later.  

Last Friday afternoon after school we went to see Captain Marvel.  
 It was very good.  Here's the cat, who wasn't really a cat, coughing up the tesseract.  If you don't know what that is, there are 22 movies you need to go watch!
 That night was Ariel and my first daddy daughter dance!  She had been nervous about it for days.  She was also very excited and so was I!

 They did a great job decorating the school in a candy theme.  
There was candy everywhere!

 So Ariel warned me that she was going to run off with her friends as soon as we got there and she did.  I'm glad she had fun but I had flashbacks of being a teenager at a dance where I didn't know a lot of people.  I felt very alone at times!  I did know some of the dads but it was too loud to talk.  I had to grab Ariel every now and then so I had someone to dance with!

 The dj was great and the girls had a blast.

I had the prettiest date there!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Getting to Know Einstein

It's Wednesday night and the house is a mess.  It wasn't even because of a leprechaun.  It's just having 6 people living together.  I keep telling Amy it's a lost cause.  I guess we have to keep fighting.  Maybe we can get it organized when the twins go to college.  That's only 14 years from now!

Last week, Aden had a Hebrew school project on Albert Einstein to work on.  He told Eli to do it for him.  

 Ariel taught tic tac toe to Noah.
 I guess he had to take over.  
 The next morning at school.
 It was coooold!

 Ariel likes card games.

 He looks like Albert Einstein here!

 I had to shovel out Bev's car.
 This was on Twitter.  It's Aden's principal welcoming the kids being redistricted into our school.  We know some of those kids!

 I'm tired.  Good night!