Thursday, January 17, 2019

Lunch with the Cousins

Happy Thursday night!  Eva and Gwen for over for dinner tonight, so you can imagine the craziness.  We have the twins in bed though and it's 8:00 so woo hoo for us.  We have somewhat of a free night.  There are 2 winter storms headed this way.  The weather people aren't too sure about either of them so wish us luck!

Last Friday we had some lollipops before school.
 Here we go!  
 Some of my cousins went to see my grandmother.
Then we met them for lunch.
 My mom with three of her first cousins and their kids and Amy!
Aden came home from school insisting on a haircut.  Now that it's shorter, he wants to maintain it better.
 His usual girl wasn't around but he didn't care.
 Ariel came for the candy.
 She cleaned them out!
 He got his hair washed after the cut.  He loves that.
 Our handsome young man.
 That night we went to synagogue.  Aden's class led Shabbat services.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Which Cake?

It's Wednesday night.  Time to take out the trash.  Anyone heard of this one?  Noah has some skin thing going on.  Like hives that come and go and get itchy.  The doctor suggested putting baking soda in his bath.  So a couple of nights ago, we put the baking soda in the bath.  Noah was fine but Eli's hands turned red and puffy!  I had no idea what was happening.  I gave him Benedryl and he got better quickly.  Tonight, we did the same thing and it happened again.  Could Eli be allergic to baking soda?

Back to last week, it was Hannah and Ava's birthday.  They are the other twins in the twin's class.

One more Eagles thing before the sad loss.
 Dinner with Eva and Gwen.
 Too cute.
 Eli picked out his cake.  
 He is a master at cake.
 Aden helped me change a light bulb.
 School pics.

 I thought the sky looked cool here.
 Aden likes to wrestle with the twins.  
Cuddling with daddy.
 Our cutey pie.
 Family relaxing time.

 Ariel reading to the boys.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Pajama Day

I know the Eagles lost a couple of day ago, but I'm still going to allow myself to celebrate the win last week against the Bears.  As you may remember the Bears kicker hit the goalpost twice on the final kick of the game.  I thought this was amusing.  Get it?  He's hitting the edge of the square with his x's.  

This is how we all feel for every Eagles game.  They seldom make it easy.  

 Last Monday, Noah was trying on daddy's glasses.  
 A quiet night bouncing.
 Tuesday morning it was cold.  Ariel had her hat.
 Noah didn't feel well so he stayed home.  
 I took Eli to school but he was very unhappy Noah wasn't there.  
 I kept trying to distract him but he kept crying.  I hung out a little longer than usual but it didn't help.  The teacher said he moped for a while.  But who can be upset, it was pajama day!
 They were also studying bears.
 I met Amy and Noah for lunch.  
 Eli ended up having fun.  
 It's really hard to give toddler's eye medicine.
 Heather was over so it was off to basketball for Aden and I.

 Then back to play.
 Love it when they smile.

Monday, January 14, 2019

The Big Maze

It's Monday night.  Thankfully the little ones went to bed early so I will be following shortly.  Last Sunday we ended up at Giggleberry Fair at Peddler's Village.  First Eli wanted to play some games while everyone else headed into the huge maze.  
 It took some encouragement to get Eli in the big maze.

 But then he loved it.

 Thankfully Aden and Ariel followed them around.
 The place is huge!

 Then we went to the kiddie area.

 We had a late lunch.

 Eli got a hedgehog at Storybook Land last Summer.  For some reason Noah suddenly got jealous so then he needed his own hedgehog.  
 We made cupcakes!

 Then watched the Eagles beat the Bears in the playoffs.
 It was the double doink!  The bears kicker could have won it at the end but his kick went off the lift upright and the crossbar!