Monday, April 22, 2019

Pushing the Cart

I'm going to have to have some huge posts later in the week.  I took more pictures than I thought.  

Last Sunday, our first full day back in Florida.  The boys were up way too early.  
 I got them dressed and we went for a walk.  

 We found a little playground.  

 I noticed the weather in Chicago.  Those poor people.  

 Ali, Todd and the boys joined us for the beach.  I go 1000 miles away and I'm still pushing the cart!
 The kids had fun.

 Todd and Aden threw a football.
 Ariel got lots of shells.  
 Then twins were not thrilled so we headed to the pool.  
 We had Five Guys delivered.  Yum.  
 The football kept going.

 My parents flew in later that afternoon.  
 We went to dinner at the Grand Lux Cafe at Town Center Mall.

 There are lots of nice cars in Florida.
 On the way home, we stopped at a playground.  

Amy and I got a new Casper mattress!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Back to Florida

It's Sunday night.  Surprise!  We spent a week in Florida and got back last night!  We used to go to Florida all the time but stopped after a really hard trip three years ago.  We really missed our friends and family in Florida but we just couldn't face traveling with all the kids.  That was until December when we actually all had a good time in Aruba.  So we figured we may have turned the corner and it was time to try Florida again.  Here's a bit of a spoiler.  It wasn't.  

Last Saturday we headed to Trenton Mercer Airport.  We chose to fly Frontier, which is considered one of the worst airlines, because we didn't have to go to Philly Airport.  Trenton is only like 15 minutes away and it' so small.  If there are no issues, it's so much easier than going to the big airport.  Well, there were issues.  We got there and the lot was full!  I had to drop off Amy, the kids and the bags to drive about a mile away and then wait for a shuttle bus.  Of course the kids were going crazy on the side of the road when I got back.  Poor Amy had a hard time with them.  Then we go through security and they checked every piece of food Amy brought.  And that was a lot.  You can see on Aden's lap a toy banana.  For some reason he brought it and for some reason it was in with real food.  That totally freaked out security.  They kept checking it over and over again.  This was the only moment the kids were sitting still, the rest of the time they just ran around.  We should have known better.
Here we go.
 Ariel was very unhappy with the sound of the engines.  
 The boys were thankfully pretty good.  We downloaded stuff for them to watch but all they want is Youtube, which you can't do.  So we had to entertain them the whole time the old fashioned way with coloring and toys.  


 We made it!  Getting the rental car is also always hard.  That's about the time Amy and the kids lose it.  
 My parent's condo is in Deerfield Beach about 20 miles North of Fort Lauderdale and right on the border with Boca Raton.  We dumped off our stuff and went for a walk.  
 It was like coming back home!
 We stopped off to get some hats and sunglasses.

 Then we walked over to the beach.  There was a wedding going on!

 This was the only family shot we got the whole trip!
The kids posed once in a while.  
 We watched them make fudge at Kilwins.  

 Back to go to bed.  
 New bunk beds!
 After the kids were asleep, I went to Publix to stock up for the week.