Monday, October 24, 2022

Halloween Party

The Phillies are going to the World Series!  The first time since 2009!  Very exciting.

Last Saturday was a busy day.  Ariel had slept over Emily's house.  
We had early morning soccer with the twins.  

Some closeup action shots.  

Good game boys!
Then we had flag with Aden.  
Ariel came to cheer.  

Go Aden!
Over to Melissa's house.  
Playing with Honey.

Trying out the great new furniture and deck!  

The Phillies beat Atlanta that afternoon to head to the NLCS!

Ariel went with my parents and Bev to the ballet to see Cinderella.  

Ariel's coach Kennedy got married that afternoon.  Coaches Lynde and Nicole were there too.  
That night, we went to a Halloween party and Amer and Tulip's house.  They went all out.  

Look at us!
The food and decorations were amazing!

The baby is too cute.

The costumes were great.  


Cotton candy time.

Those jello shots were strong!

Thanks for a great night guys!


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