Monday, September 28, 2009

The Boys

Friday night, the four of us drove into town for Lauren and Max's housewarming party. The traffic on 95 was horrible but I was determined to get there. Aden was home with a new babysitter who lives on our street. Very nice girl. We had dinner at Benny the Bums on the way and didn't get to the party until after 10. When did that place become a dance club? Anyway the party was in full swing when we got there.

Mel's friends.

Lauren the beautiful hostess. They got a great place at 1500 Locust.


I was so lucky to be surrounded by all these pretty girls! We didn't get back till after 12:30. I miss those days of being able to walk home!

Saturday, Amy, Melissa and I walked around Newtown. I kept Aden busy while the girls shopped.

They built such a cute place where Goodnoes was.

Dinner at Oishi. Aden was not very patient so dinner was quick. I wasn't his fault, we had him out all day. He's so good while we shop and try on clothes, just sits and watches.

Sunday morning, Aden was chasing the Roomba robot vacuum around the basement. I will post videos later.

A little Baby Boost so mommy and daddy can clean up.

We met Jason, Lisa and Carter at Moish and Itzy's. They drove in from New York for the holiday. The boys did not want to sit still.

Back to the house, Jaime and Jared joined us. Here's pretty good shot of all the boys. The little ones had a ton of fun together. It was so cute to see them interacting.

Then to Melissa's house for dinner. Busy weekend. Aden loved his pizza.

Aden was there to cheer up Mark after the Steeler's game. It's now Monday around 10:30 and I am hungry! We are taking Aden to the children's service at 1. Break the fast is at our house tonight!

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