Monday, September 21, 2009

Bugaboo - Food not Stroller

Sorry, so late today but I was at the dentist. Possible fracture in a tooth, may need root canal and a crown. This is pretty traumatic for someone who has never even had a cavity. Aden had a nice three day weekend relaxing and is much better. He is at school and we haven't heard anything yet, so so far so good.

Friday, Amy was off, the only district off as far as she knows, so she was with Aden. I met them for lunch at Bugaboo Steakhouse. Aden loved watching all the talking animals.

MMMMMM, mack and cheese.

Friday night we had dinner at Amy's parent's house. Some take out from Ben and Irvs.

Hey Chloe.

Aden is getting really tall!

The girls.

Grandpa J or J Pop?

Playing with blocks.

Aden with grandma and grandpop.

Time for bed, we have synagogue in the morning!

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