Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bless the Babies

It's Sunday night and we don't need to discuss the Eagles games. Also, how boring are the Emmy's?  I should just go to sleep and forget today.  Speaking of forgetting, the babies all the sudden don't seem to remember how to sleep.  Amy and have been in a daze. Last Sunday was an espeically bad night and then we had to be at synagogue at 8:30 am for the blessing of the new babies before Rosh Hashana services.  
We actually made it.
The baby service was thankfully pretty short.
These are all similar but I couldn't get all 4 to look at one time.
 This was cute though.

 I still think it's too structured for a baby service.  Why do they read from the Torah?
 What do you think Eli?
 I guess he liked it.
 We all went to play outside on the playground.
 It was a beautiful day.

 We went home and I did the 7 month photo shoot.  Amy wasn't around so Aden helped me.  
Yes, this was as hard as you think it was.  And so unlike me, these were the only pics I took.  I usually take dozens so I can pick the best.  Not this time.  Just took a few.  

We then hit the swings.

 That night we had dinner at my parent's house.  My grandmother was excited to see all the kids.
Bev got to come too!
Dance party!

 Good night!

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