Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Everyone in the Crib

Thankfully, everyone is feeling better.  But it's snowing outside. You win some, you lose some.  Here are some fun pics from last week.

All the boys!
Aden had to get back to his iPad.
This is how we find the twins in the morning.  They sit at the ends of the cribs near each other and talk.  Very cute.

Ariel likes to jump in and play.
Hey, where's Noah?
That's better, now you can read Ariel.
This was later that night.  Somehow Ariel, Aden and Eva ended up in the crib at nap time.

 We had to go rescue the babies.
 Are you ready to get out Eli?
 First some wrestling...
 Then a quick beauty break.
 Those are some wild colors Ariel!
The girls were silly all night.

 I think the boys really want a dog.

 Looking cool Eva.

 I got you!

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