Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Two Babies One Cart

It's Tuesday night and I'm shivering.  I'm just going to get under my covers and go to sleep.  Anyone have any good crock pot recipes for the blizzard?  I tried one of those you see on Facebook everyday and it was just ok.  Here are some random pics from last week.

Being silly in bed.
 More kids being silly in bed.

 I still think it's amazing that Aden just walks off with his friends in the morning.

 Who is up for a trip to Costco?
 Every place should have a two seated shopping cart.
 You want to get that for your sister?
 They had so much fun watching all the people.
 They were worn out and needed a snack.
 Aden needs to work on his spacing but the story was cute.
 Having breakfast with mommy after a successful trip to the doctor.
 Swim.  Noah's turn!  
 Much like Eli the week before, Noah didn't show much emotion.
 Get the duckie!
 Yay, Noah got it!
 All the little humpty dumpties ready to jump in.

 What do you think Noah?
 Noah swam with the teacher.
 Ride the boat.
 There's Christian.  
 I knew it would be harder to change Noah after class than it was Eli.  Eli just sits there but Noah takes off.  I had to chase him around the bathroom.  Luckily we planned better for when we got home so bedtime went much more smoothly.  

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