Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Council Rock School District Art Show

It's Tuesday night at 9.  Kids asleep and kitchen done.  I'm going to whip this up quickly so Amy and I can have some quality tv time!

Still practicing his walking.

 How about you Noah?
 Group swing.
 Exploring the basement.
 There's Jason.
 Can we play video games too?

 She's a pro at pitting cherries.
 I had to put his ball on top of the fridge because his incessant bouncing was driving me crazy.
 I will have to rebuild the train set soon.

 We have been leaving Ariel at the new neighbors house from like 7-8 so we can get the babies to bed.  They don't eat dinner till after 8 because they work really late.  Ariel really likes Devashri and has been practicing saying her name.
 The boys always grab the toilet paper holder and drag it around.  
 Aden class went to the high school to see the student art exhibit.  I was drafted to be a chaperone.  
 It was my first time on a school bus in forever.  Aden doesn't ride a bus to school so it was new to him too.  It was a 5 minute ride but I couldn't wait to get off.  The kids did not stop screaming.
 Little kids, huge school.
 Council Rock School District Art Show 2016
 I was given 4 boys and a list of questions to ask.
 Big crowd.

 The art was really good!  All the first graders in the district get to have their art displayed, but after that you have to earn your way in.
 The boys were actually very interested and asked a lot of questions.  

 Fun trip.

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