Monday, May 2, 2016

Five Little Peas

It's Monday night and the rain has returned.  At least Aden got in his baseball game tonight.  He played his friend Brody so that was nice.  We can hear Eli upstairs crying in his sleep.  Hopefully, after tomorrow he will feel so much better.

Music class last week.  The boys ran into their friends.  
Five little peas in a pea pod pressed.  One grew two grew and so did all the rest.  They grew and they grew and they did not stop. Until one day, the pod went pop.

 Noah wasn't himself and later had a fever then a rash.  Where do they get these viruses from?
 Go Eli!

Wow, pretty window.
 Let me out!

 Anthony is getting so big.
 What should I get?
 Michael found his favorite.
 Swinging and contemplating life.

 Back to baseball.  Just a few pictures this time.

Cool action shot.

The night of Eli's surgery he woke up around 10 crying.  I cuddled with him.

 We did get a smile.
 It's so hard to see them in pain.

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