Monday, September 26, 2016

Bugs in my Mouth

We are watching the debate.  Do we need to vote for any of these people?  Is it just me or was it freezing this morning?  Haven't felt like that in a long time.

Short post.  Here are some random pictures from last week.  

Ariel picked out this outfit.  We were laughing that it was something more appropriate for the 4th of July but she insisted on wearing.  Apparently Elizabeth got the same memo.  
Ariel started a gym class at the NAC.  It is a big class.
 It wasn't easy to get pictures through the glass.

 As long as she is smiling...

 The plate is "Hug Olaf."  There are Olaf stickers all over the car and Olaf stuffed dolls looking out the windows.
 Thanks buddy.
 Aden had soccer practice.  It was horrible.  There were so many bugs in the air you could barely see.  You couldn't open your mouth without getting a mouthful.  Somehow the boys didn't seem to care.
 You can see the bugs on the thermos.  

 Sorry for the lack of commentary.  I'm trying to listen to the debate.
 Yummy apple.
 Amy out the basket of toys next to the radio so the boys wouldn't play with it.  They just jumped in the basket.

 Good night!

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