Sunday, September 11, 2016

Elmo and Abby

It's Sunday night and I just realized I'm way behind on pictures so look for some big posts this week.  Just not tonight as I just want to go to bed.  We had a busy weekend and I did not get nearly enough sleep, starting with being up from 3am to 5am Friday morning trying to order the iPhone 7.  I couldn't get it to work so I fell asleep for an hour and tried again.  I got mine around 6:30.  Last night we went out with friends till after 12.  And there was no sleeping in.  Saturday was soccer and Sunday was Hebrew School.  The fun has begun!

Last Sunday, we met Todd and Ali at Sesame Place.  It was totally last minute so I'm shocked we all made it.  We got there when it opened so it wasn't to busy yet.  Lately Aden has not wanted to go there but this time he didn't say anything and he had fun.
 Ali took Sammy and Ariel on the swings.

 Sharing popcorn.
 The boys wanted out of the their stroller.  They ran around in the kiddie play area.

 There's a big kid!

 Right Nate?

 The new ropes course is nothing like the old one.  Much smaller.

 It was still too much for Ariel though.  She got scared.

 Face paint.

 It was a mistake walking through the store.  

 We went to the show.  
The boys were fascianted.
 Go Elmo and Abby!

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