Sunday, November 27, 2016


It's Sunday night.  The babies have been up once already.  It's going to be a long night.  Both their colds are back.  Today was fun.  We had Ariel's 5th birthday party.  It was at a trampoline place so I have lot's of blurry pics to share!  Back to last weekend.  

Could this be any cuter?

 We went outside to play with the neighbors.
 Our new baby on the street.  Jake was born a few weeks ago.  So cute!
 Show us the rocket Ben!
 Now we can try!

 We should give them real lawn mowers.  We could use the free labor.

 The older boys actually stopped running around to play chess.  Aden beat everyone!

 Ariel and Alex look guilty.
 More bath time fun!

That night we went to the synagogue for a Vodka and Karaoke night.  Todd and Ali joined us.  
 We had fun socializing and drinking.

 We did not sing.
 You saw how nice it was earlier in the day.  We were outside without jackets.  We left the party around 11 and it was snowing!
 Baby time Sunday morning.

 Back in the shower.  At least they weren't wearing socks.

We met my parents to buy Ariel a bike.
 This was her face walking by the Barbie section.  
 She was equally blown away by the American Girl stuff.
 Which shall I choose?
 This one because she can take her dolls for a ride!
 Ok, time for bed.

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