Thursday, January 19, 2017

First Happy Meal

It's Thursday night around 11.  Both babies have been taking turns screaming in their cribs then falling back asleep.  I'm watching on the monitor.  Noah is laying down and barely moving but screaming so loud he's going to wake up everyone else.  I don't know how Eli is asleep.  I got a flat tire today.  That was a bummer. Had to get towed all the way the dealership in Devon.  I keep hitting the tires on the right side on curbs.  I just can't judge where they are.  

Back to last weekend.  We went to Jersey's for dinner and ran into Aden's friend Connor and his family.
 Little Kyleigh wanted to talk to the twins.

 Ariel was flirting with Connor.
 Soccer!  It's really hard for me to coach and get pictures but I grabbed a few.

 We got blown away.  Like 7-1.  Oh well.
 While we were at soccer, grandmom and grandpop took Ariel to McDonalds.  None of my kids have really eaten any fast food.  We aren't sure why but Ariel has been asking about Happy Meals lately.  We weren't going to take her so they did!  She loved it!

That night Howard, Jen and the girls came over to play.  Eli wasn't quite ready for company.  
 The girls all had fun though.

 We had yummy food and even yummier treats.
 Everyone in their pjs!

 I got out for a few minutes late Saturday night to meet friends but just a few.  The babies woke up and were not in a good mood so I went back to help Amy.  Have a great weekend!

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