Thursday, March 30, 2017

Our Blue Princess

It's Thursday night and we are in the middle of a very loud thunderstorm.  We can't believe we haven't heard from any of the kids yet.  

Yes, they have mastered the step ladder.  

 Here is a preview of Ariel's dance recital outfit.
 We went to the Bucks County Children's Museum with three of the kids.  Aden wanted to hang out with my parents.  
 Now that is Operation!

 We met Ariel's friend Piper there.  All the kids had fun.  Not so much the parents who had to chase the kids around.
 Here's Piper driving Ariel in the ambulance.

 We made shadows.

 Ariel and Piper built an arch.
Which quickly fell.
 Aden had his first baseball practice.

I guess that's a good sign of Spring.
 Aden had some good swings.

 Go Lugnuts!
 We had a quiet Saturday night.  Have a great weekend!

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