Wednesday, June 26, 2024

She Said Yes to the Dress

Last Tuesday we had a treat at work.  Dave's Hot Chicken.  Man it's good.  
That night, I smoked some chicken wings.  
Aden's favorite.  
It was a nice night to play outside.  

Aden hung out with the older boys.  
Last Wednesday, Amy and Ariel went shopping in Central Jersey to try and find a dress for her bat mitzvah.  She did find one but I'm not going to show it to you.  These are the ones she didn't pick.  

Aftre the gym, I sat by the pool at bit.  
Aiel was at Peyton's.  Peyton wanted to look over Ariel so that she could remember her while Ariel was at camp.  
Playing outside again.  
Ariel played volleyball with Heather.  

Then Rachel came.  
So Ariel played volleyball with Rachel.  


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