Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The Stones

Here's a pretty big post.  Last week was super busy and fun.  Last Monday we walked the twins to school.  Notice I said the twins and not Ariel because...
Ariel was cutting school!  She went with a bunch of girls to Dorney Park in Allentown.  

These are the pics from Dorney.  
The girls had a fabulous day.  

Ariel went on her first looping roller coaster and loved it!
They didn't get home till really late at night.  
Back at home, the twins played outside.  

Eating al fresco.  
Amy and Jenn walked to the school for the PTO meeting.  Amy ended up being elected Vice President of the PTO!
Piano time.
Last Tuesday, the third graders were going to run the lemonade stand.
The seniors stopped by for pics before graduation.  
After school.  
They brought home all their accumulated stuff.  

The twins had fun with the neighbors.  

That night, Winston graduated!
Later that night, I went with Aron to the city to see the Rolling Stones!
It was a beautiful night and I had never seen the Stones before.  
Aron is a buddy from my camp days.  
The concert was great!  They are in their 80s and they rocked!
Mick Jagger ran all over the stage non-stop.
We had a blast!


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