Monday, November 14, 2011

39 Weeks!

It's Monday morning and we are at 39 weeks! Amy is a bit crampy but no sign of contractions. We are both excited and nervous about what the next few days might bring. Just got word, my car got off the boat in Baltimore! It just might beat the baby here!

Friday night, we went to Shabbat dinner and services at Beth Am.

Aden had a great time with the kids.

Maybe a little too much fun!

Saturday morning I had a great massage. Let me know if you need a recommendation. Nicole is great! Then it was time for daddy and Aden to get haircuts.

What hair!

The girls at the salon love playing with Aden.

Off to Bloomies for a little shopping. Aden needed a new North Face jacket.

Of course all he was interested in was the toys!

Aden had a cold and even a slight fever so we stayed in Saturday night. Melissa and Mark on the other hand were partying it up at Robyn and Lee's wedding.

They had fun!

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