Monday, November 7, 2011

I Love Vegas!

I figured I would just blow out the Vegas pics in one huge post so we can get back to Aden! I flew out Tuesday. I love watching out the window. I wish there was a way to know where you were.


Crazy I had to travel 2100 miles to get to New York!

Wednesday morning, the temperature was the same at home. We missed the warm weather by one day.

Took a nice long walk.

Then headed to the show.

Thursday morning (I'm leaving out the nighttime activities to protect the innocent), I went to Paris for breakfast.

Banana foster waffles!

City Place is so cool.

Back to the show.

Kevin and Ryan

Thursday night we had dinner at an eclectic place where things have not changed much in decades. Welcome to Battista's!

Not the quite the last two meals at Capital Grill and Del Frisco's but good in it's own way.

The accordion guy had to be in his 90's.

Mario and Luigi know how to party!

Quite a show!

The Bellagio

Our last night for a couple of years. Next year we are going to New Orleans.

Friday morning, it was cold and windy.

Nice lunch.

The slot machines are crazy. Aden would love the Batman one.

The rain came quickly!

They waited many months for this rain.

Bye Vegas!

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