Friday, October 10, 2014

Pizza in the Sukkah

Two Boys!!! (in case you were wondering)

It's Friday morning.  I went to see Neil Young last night and got back way too late to work on this.  Fun concert but those late nights are hard.  Back to Sunday and the Eagles game!

 It was breast cancer awareness day.

 A little prayer.
 Lauren Hart sang the National Anthem.  
 Some action shots.

 It was close at the end there but the Eagles are now 4 and 1!
 My girl.
 Ariel next to her man Dylan.
 Trying out the new sitter Brittany!
 Everyone dolled up for picture day.  Dylan told Ariel she looked pretty!  What 2 year old does that?

 Pizza in the Sukkah!  Sammy is a bit jealous of Ariel's budding romance with Dylan.
 Tough choice for Ariel.

 It was actually a huge crowd.
 Aden's class made this.

 He actually asked me to take pictures!

 She's off and running!
 Uncle Todd was attacked by the kids!
 Fun times.

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