Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Soccer Pictures

It's Wednesday night and I've taken no pictures so far this week.  The kids don't have any activities during the week so I've been lazy.  As long as we keep the weekends busy, I will have stuff to post.  People always say we seem to run around a lot.  I don't feel that way.  Even though it's been warm, we are staying in to do homework.  Anyway, back to Sunday.  Soccer pictures!
 Of course she had to come.
 It was really hot but the boys went crazy anyway.

 Aww.  Aden is sweet with his friends.
 It's a shame Jack is in the other class.
Is it our turn yet?

Ariel found a friend.

Lined up by height.  Poor Aden is first.  Hope it's not always that way.

 Group shot, minus Benjy and Jake, who were away.

 My handsome athlete.
Swim time!  These should be the last shots that a bit blurry.  My trusty underwater camera is finally done.  It lasted about 5 years and has been through a lot.  Let's have a moment of silence.
 This is her scared face.
 I found her one of those floats she liked over the summer and she was off.
 She cruised around with Nicky.

 It felt really nice in the pool.  So warm.

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