Sunday, March 22, 2015

Leprechaun Mischief

It's Sunday night and the nurse just got here so I'm going to blast through this so I can go to bed!  It was a fairly busy weekend. Thankfully the boys are giving us 4 hours stretches at night so for 5 weeks, we can't complain.  

Back to last week.  Doing some double feeding.
Hanging on the sofa.

Totally being ignored.
Tuesday morning, St. Paddy's Day, the kids woke to some leprechaun mischief.  

 They love it!

 A little house painting.  We had some water leak in so it needed to be touched up.
 They ended up painting the whole room.
 When they got back from school, there was more mischief.  This time the leprechaun left them candy coins.

 Time for one month checkup!
 Noah was just under 8 lbs and Eli was just over 8 lbs!  Not bad coming from 5 lbs.  They are sill considered preemies until they make a huge jump onto the regular baby scale.  Everyone looked healthy.
 Facetiming with Sammy!
 Amy's parents brought over a beautiful dinner.

 Awww.  Looks so natural.
 Aden read to grandpop.  
 Winding down on the iPads.  Ok, it's 10:23 and I'm wasting sleeping time, good night!

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