Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tournament of Champions

It's Wednesday night and we are on our own.  Last night we went to bed at 10:30!  I feel guilty going to bed early because of all the things we could be doing around the house but I guess we just have to take advantage of catching up on sleep.  Today we took the boys for their 1 month checkup, even though they are already 5 weeks. They are both about 8 lbs!  We were shocked.  Turns out they both gained exactly what they were supposed to, which is great, but they are still on the preemie scale.  At some point, they will both have a huge jump in size to the normal baby scale.  Their milestones are based on their due date, which was last week, not on their birthdate.  I didn't know that.

This is what Amy does when I'm at work!  She's got it down.
Saturday was Aden's last day of Winter soccer.  It was a really long day, they played a round robin tournament.  Aden's team kept winning so I was stuck there a while.
 I think he really enjoyed soccer for the first time.
 Ariel played with the boys between games.
 Which team is this guy on?

Thankfully no one scored on him while he was in goal.  He would not have been happy about that.

 It was finally over.
 Time to get their medals.

 So serious Ben.
 This is a cool app I got for Aden.  You take a picture of something with the iPad and then it's converted to outlines for tracing.
 Sleepy Eli.
 My mom came to help out.  Amy was at Gina's baby shower.

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