Monday, March 2, 2015

Science Fair

Have to run, it's 10:30 and the babies are waking up.  I feel like all we do is feed them!  Last night we had a night nurse but tonight is back to just us.  Going to be a long night.  We did take Noah to the doctor today.  We were worried that he was spitting up too much.  At their second weigh in, Eli had gained 1 1/2 pounds while Noah had only gained a few ounces.  Well, he caught up this week!

Last Tuesday it was cold again.
 The kids love to say good bye to the babies before school.  

Aden, Jason, Ben and Joseph all wore their baseball shirts from last Spring.  They were supposed to match for Dr. Suess' birthday.
 Best friends.
 Eva was hungry and raided Ariel's lunch bag.
 Ariel had fallen at school and had a swollen bloody lip.  I gave her a popsicle.  
 That night, the nurse had the babies and Amy's parents came to watch the older ones so Amy and I could get out!  We went to Buy Buy Baby in Princeton to pick out a stroller then we had a very nice dinner at the Witherspoon Grill, right near the school.
 The table next to us got quite an appetizer.  Three levels of crazy seafood.
 It was nice to have a date night.
 Wednesday after school we had to keep Ariel busy.
 So Aden could make his Dr. Seuss gift bags.
 We got a load of presents from the Purple Pumpkin.  The boys are lucky to be so loved!
 Yes, Ariel has to be watched even though we never do.  She took all of our cups and spread them out everywhere!
 How do we learn to do that?
 See ya boys, we are headed to the science fair at Aden's school.
 It was crowded.  Many great exhibits.
Even Benjamin did one.  There were only 2 first graders presenting.
Aden really wants to do it next year and asks us everyday to start.
There are mouths to feed, hope you all get a good night's sleep and dream about us!

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