Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Black Friday

These are from Friday and Saturday. There may not be a post Friday. But next weeks will be super exciting!  
We got a quick visit from Maura!  We haven't seen her since the Summer!
We ran a few errands but stayed away from the malls.

Aden had some friends over.
It was too nice and warm to stay inside, right Eli?

My parents brought over an early Hanukkah present for Aden.
Put on those stickers.

 That night we had Justin's surprise 30th birthday party.  We were late and missed the surprise because we couldn't get Noah to sleep.  Thankfully the sitter for Noah, Aden and Ariel to sleep without any problem.

Tequila shots!
 Saturday we didn't do a whole lot.  Amy dropped off Ariel to play with Eva so we could do last minute preparations for Ariel's party.  
 My cousins went to visit my grandmother.
Aden and I built Ariel's new dollhouse.

 Eli is clapping!  He even does it when we say clap!
 Ariel loves the doll house.

 She was so excited for her birthday the next day.  
 She kept saying that she was going to bed 3 and waking up 4.  

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