Sunday, December 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Eva!

It's Sunday night and it was a pretty quiet weekend.  We actually all took naps today.  I guess that will help us stay up till midnight to watch the Eagles game or the Sound of Music Sing a Long.  

These are from last weekend still.  Eva's 2nd birthday party!  We tried for a family shot.  Someday.

They went to the parachute right away.  

 Eva in the middle.
 This was also the twins 10 month birthday so I brought along their sign to take the official pics.  I totally failed.

Noah lost interest and left.
Lot's of kids being carried.

 Melissa and her college friends.
 Cool Aden.
 Let's try those pics again.
 I give up.

Eva and Ariel worn out.

 My boy Eli.

 We tried a shot of the kids.

 Pizza time.
 Cute veggies.
 Big cake!

 Great party Mel!
Back to Melissa's to open presents.

 Lots of great stuff.

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