Monday, June 13, 2016

Field Day 2016!

We had Ariel's supposed graduation tonight.  It was cute and fun but we really aren't sure what she graduated from.  She's going from the 4's to pre-k.  It's late Monday night so I'm going to do this fast so I can go to sleep.  

Last Monday was Aden's field day.  They lucked out with the weather.  
Aden's blue team.  1/2 the 2nd graders.

The rest of the 2nd graders.
Tug of war!
 Last year Aden's team dominated.  This year not so much.
 Walking to the next event.

 They had to run and fill a sponge with water, run back and fill a bottle.

 They were playing music so Aden danced while waiting his turn.

 Baby Kyleigh was a big hit.


 Izzy was stylin'.
 Mommy was there too.
 Hey Jason.

 Aden really threw himself into the activities.

This was Aden's last night of hip hop at the PSPA.  We think we might try Elite in the fall instead.

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