Monday, June 20, 2016

There Is Sand In My Eye

It's Monday morning and it's hot!  Yay summer!  Who is going to see the Dead with me tonight?  I'm sure I will know lots of people there.  

This will finish off last weekend.  We woke up Sunday ready for a beautiful beach day.
 Look at the size of this thing!  Ariel had her Diggerland experience and wanted to drive it!
 Hello there Stella.
 We made the huge effort to get to the beach...
 and it was awful.  
 Super windy.  The sand hurt it was so windy.
 We had to leave right away, but not before ice cream.

 The beach was deserted.
 Let's get out of here.
 Luckily we have the pool.  Here are our bathing beauties.

 Everyone got it.  It was much nicer off the beach.

I took Aden and Ariel over to sleep at my parents.

That night I got a few minutes to myself to go to the Dairy Bar.
Monday morning I went back to get them.
We just got ready to go home.

Peace out Cooper!

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