Thursday, June 23, 2016

Yum Yum

It's Thursday morning.  I didn't get to post this last night because I was sleeping!  This will bring us to last Friday and Saturday.  

Aden is keeping himself busy before camp starts.
 Ariel's last day.  All the kids brought in toys and games.  There's nothing like Hungry Hungry Hippo.
 We drove to the shore Friday afternoon.  The traffic was pretty bad but the kids didn't complain.  We took a walk when we got there.

 During dinner Ariel disappeared.  We found her with a round brush caught in her hair.  We got it out with a lot of crying.
 Aden likes to play Sorry now.
 Saturday morning it was Juniors time!
 I'm ready!
 The boys loved the chocolate doughnut.  

 Noah saying Yum!

 Ariel pushing her stroller with her doll.

 Nothing like milk to wash down chocolate doughnuts!

 A quick trip to the beach.

 My girl!

An even quicker trip to the pool.

 We walked to the Greenhouse for dinner.

Then the Dairy Bar.
 Chocolate doughnuts then ice cream!

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