Sunday, February 19, 2017

Giant Spider!

It's Sunday night and it was almost 70 degrees today!  We didn't do much.  It's just too hard these days to do anything.  I was kind of bummed looking at Facebook and seeing what everyone was up to. We had a bit of an adventure yesterday so I shouldn't complain.  It's supposed to stay warm all week.  I'm really behind in pictures.  These will start from last Saturday night.   The night before Noah and Eli turned 2.  

Ali and Todd and the boys came over.  I cooked fajitas for dinner.  
It's kind of hard to tell, but that black dot is a giant spider.  Like huge!
 Dinner time.

 Eli loves to say cookie.  He walked around with the Cookie Monster balloon saying"cookie!"
 Cake time!

 Nate was "hungy."
 All the babies loved the cake.
 This was Sunday morning.  Happy Birthday boys!
 I took Noah and Ariel swimming.  
 I forgot my waterproof camera so I just kept my phone by the pool.  I thought that the iPhone 7 was waterproof but you still aren't supposed to put it in the pool, so just a few pics.

 The next post will have all the birthday celebration pics!

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