Thursday, February 16, 2017

Noah's First Haircut

It's Grandpa Jeff's birthday!  We had everyone over tonight for barbecue and cake!  It's a pretty crazy scene when we are all together.  We had fun but it's nice it's finally quiet.  We have a long holiday weekend coming up and it's supposed to be really nice out so hopefully we will have some cool adventures.

Last week we took all 4 kids for a haircut, which included Noah's first!  Ariel went first.

 Just a little off the back please.
 Mr. Too Cool for School went second.

 This is Aden after his cut.  He has so much hair you can't tell the difference!
 Eli went next.  He sat on Amy's lap.
 Then it was finally Noah's turn!  We can't believe it took 2 years.
 There wasn't much to cut.  It was just a little long and stringy in the back.  

 Yes, he wasn't thrilled.
 Some pizza to celebrate.
 Ariel had dance.  While she was in class I ran to the market to get food as suddenly I was cooking dinner for company.
 After dance, we picked up Aden and headed for soccer.
 Ariel played around with Aden's friends.

 Someone has the spirit.

 Aden had a strong day in goal.
 Big win for our team!
 Then we had a birthday party for our neighbor at the NAC.
 I got to hold baby Jake!
 The kids had fun bouncing.

 Food time.
 They went a little over board.  Mickey, Minnie and Elsa!
 Ariel had some long conversations with Elsa.  It was very cute.
 Face painting!
 Aden actually got a kick out of the characters.
 The cake was spectacular!

 Aden tried a little indoor golf on the way out.  Have a great weekend!

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